Influencer Spotlight: Danni of Oh Honey


Danni Bouchard (@dannibouchard), one half of Oh Honey, is a talented musician who has made her style accessible and shoppable to her fans by using Poshmark.

A year after she graduated college, the other half of Oh Honey, Mitchy, had an idea for a guy/girl duo. He was looking for the female half when a mutual friend connected them. They got into the studio and it all just clicked. A few months later, they put out their first song, “Be Okay,” (the song was recently featured in the international trailer for Finding Dory) and things took off quickly from there.


Danni describes her style as something like “edgy boho.” She has a soft spot for dresses, chokers, bell sleeves, lace, and thigh highs. Her go-to shoe? Pointed-toe booties. She adds that she owns way too many pairs!

Her love of these things actually led her to Poshmark. Upon moving, Danni realized she would need to downsize her closet – A LOT. She adds, “I have SO many clothes that I don’t wear anymore, and our fans are always asking me where I get my outfits, so Poshmark seemed like the perfect way to clean out my closet (and make my boyfriend’s life a little easier) while giving our fans access to some of my favorite pieces for super cheap!”

Most of Danni’s sales on Poshmark have been to fans. She highlights, “It’s really cool to send some of my favorite pieces I’m no longer wearing off to a new home. It feels good to know they’re being worn and loved by the people who have supported us!”

Join Danni’s Posh Party and shop her Host Picks this Thursday 7/28 at 7PM PT.

Listen to Oh Honey’s latest single Healing and runaway hit, Be Okay here.

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