True Life: I Met My Bestie at PoshFest


We all know that the Poshmark community is a great place to foster friendships, but today we’re sharing the story of two PFFs who managed to take their relationship to a whole other level (*ahem best friends) by attending PoshFest.

Alexandra (@alvictoria) had purchased a shirt from Hannah (@hannaho) on the app so while they had known of each other, they hadn’t met IRL yet. But Alexandra took a leap of faith and asked Hannah if she wanted to room together at PoshFest in Las Vegas. They’ve been rooming together every PoshFest since.

The pair were such fast friends that when they attended PoshFest, people were constantly asking if they were friends from back home all weekend long. According to Hannah, throughout the weekend more and more things kept happening showing how similar they are – right down to the both of them pulling the same Clinique makeup remover out of their makeup bags at the same time!

Fast forward to now, and these PFFs are speaking to each other everyday and hanging out outside Poshmark events. These two are the friendship epitome of what PoshFest can create.

Thinking of attending PoshFest for the first time, but worried about not knowing anyone there? Hannah’s words of advice: hannahquoteAlexandra adds, alexquote

Join these two fabulous ladies as they host the Style Crush Party together happening this Thursday at 7PM PT and see what kind of connections you can make by joining us in Los Angeles on October 1-2 for our biggest PoshFest to date!


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