Get To Know the Brand: T&J Designs

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This week we were lucky enough to have the amazing Tiffany and Jen from T+J Designs in to PMHQ for our livestream! As one of our leading brands in Wholesale, we couldn’t wait to hear all about how these amazing sisters built their incredible business.

So, how did the idea for T&J Designs start?
Tiffany began blogging as a side hobby and loved it so much that she persuaded her stylish sister, Jen, to get involved too. Soon they both became so successful at blogging they decided they needed to channel their talents into something bigger, and T+ J Designs was born!
The Amazing Product…
Tiffany and Jen design all their clothes and work with multiple manufacturers. Their best selling styles include their famous graphic tees! They brainstorm cute phrases and topics they know their shoppers will appreciate, (wine, for example!!) keeping their designs relevant and fresh.
Social, Social, Social! 
Have an idea? T&J Designs wants to hear! The fabulous designers say they take lots of inspiration from their customers, and are always looking to connect!
Who is the T&J Designs Girl?
The girl who loves Social Media, and wants to have fun! “We want you to want to be photographed in this, put it on Instagram!” Amen to that!
Did you know…
Many of the prints featured on T&J Designs are hand drawn! Wowza – love that detail.
Bloggers, Designers, Entrepreneurs and Mothers?!? How do these women have time! 
Both Tiffany and Jen are both mothers, on top of running a huge business! How do they have time? Well, they don’t really! Both say they are busy all the time, but carving out time to spend time with their kids, and do things like date night are their priorities. Can you say superwoman?
Their favorite thing about the Poshmark community?
Why, the amazing women of course. Tiffany and Jen say they interact with lots of people doing business, but none are quite as willing to work together and help each other as those on Poshmark. *Swoon*
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