Meet Your Hosts: @mrstaylorjarvis & @claudiadicapua


This Thursday at 7PM PT, we have the fabulous @mrstaylorjarvis whose closet is filled with covershot magic and endless creativity joining @claudiadicapua, a NY based blogger with killer personal style and styling skills to match. Together these two are taking on the Total Trendsetter party – Host Picks you do not want to miss!

Favorite Trends of the Moment:
• Anything & everything high-waisted
• Crop tops
• Platform sneakers
• Jean vests & jackets
• Gold minimalistic jewelry

Describe your style:
 Unique, Edgy, Minimalistic, and Fun

What got you started on Posh?
To be honest, I went to a local consignment shop to try to make a few dollars on a MK watch I never wore…their offer was too low and the girl at the register said, “Have you ever heard of Posh? You should try to sell it on there.” So, that day, I went home, and the rest was history!

What’s one thing you love about Posh?
My favorite thing about Posh is how creative the staff allows you to be in your own closet. I absolutely love being able to create unique and creative photos that are my own style and the way I want the items to be presented. I also love meeting new Poshers and being able to ship my items all over the country is awesome. It’s like I’m traveling to all of these places myself. Posh is not only an extra outlet for me to make a few dollars, but another outlet for me to be creative.

Favorite Trends of the Moment:
My favorite trends of the moment are cropped jumpsuits, culottes, over frayed denim, bell sleeve tops and off the shoulder tops.

Describe your style:
Minimal, clean, street style, monochrome, and modern

What got you started on Posh?
I got started on Poshmark when I realized that I had way too many things in my closet that I never used! I am a fashion blogger and have a need to always be revamping my closet. I’m still in college so I figured selling the clothes that I no longer use or have a need for would help me to keep my closet evolving.

What’s one thing you love about Posh?
My favorite thing about Poshmark is that a conversation can be had in the comments. I make it a point to respond to comments and questions on any item in my closet so that potential buyers feel more comfortable when considering purchasing something! Shoot me a comment and I’ll respond!


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