Learn How to Make Half a Million Dollars at PoshFest



Evelyne Teman (@missaisha555), one of our influential speakers at last year’s PoshFest, took the stage to share her secrets on how she has grown her business on Poshmark to over $500,000 (yes, that’s five zeroes!!) in sales.

A few of her tips that she owes to her success:

  1. Work hard building your network of followers – both in person and in the app.
  2. Spread the love. Share other people’s items often.
  3. Use great photos and write detailed descriptions.
  4. Attend all the Poshmark events you can!

You can read more about Evelyne’s success story in Business Insider: How a mom earned $500,000 selling clothes through an app called Poshmark

If you want to level up your business and make half a million dollars, PoshFest is for you. Join your fellow Poshers and entrepreneurs in Los Angeles, October 1-2 for the biggest and best event to date.

Don’t miss out and purchase your ticket before they sell out!


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