Poshmark 101: How to Create a Listing


Ready to create your first listing? Our latest Poshmark 101 livestream covered the listing basics including photo, title, descriptions, & all the tips and tricks in between!

To get started: Tap the camera icon, labeled ‘sell’ to begin

-You have the option to take the photo directly in the app or to upload from your photos stored in your photos app
-There are plenty of editing apps to enhance your photos
-There are 4 photo slots; the covershot is what the buyer sees first so be sure that this photo is clear and focused on the item you’re selling

-This is your next chance to grab a buyer’s attention aside from the covershot
-First few words are most important as they’ll be seen first (think: keywords!)

You want to reiterate the same details from the title, but this time expand upon it
-Become familiar with common fashion terms and use them to describe the style and shape of the item you’re selling (i.e. black dress vs. black dress with sweetheart neckline) A great resource is our Women’s Fashion Glossary.

Pro tip: if there is more than one ways to describe your item, include them all e.g. gray & grey

You may also want to include information you would want to know as a buyer:
-Relevant measurements
-Any flaws, stains, or issues
-Fabric content

Category & Sizing
-Select the appropriate category and choose a subcategory, if necessary.
-If you plan to sell multiples of the same item, choose multiple. Otherwise select one.
-Select the appropriate size or sizes.
           -If you don’t see the size listed, select ‘add custom size’
           -If the item is not true to size, we suggest putting the size that it fits as (but explain                this in the description)

-Search for the brand of your item and tap to select
-What if you don’t see the brand you’re looking for? Type it out and then select the add button to add the custom brand to your listing.
-Capitalization matters! Stay true to brand for consistency (e.g. lululemon vs. Lululemon)

Color & Condition
When selecting a color, try to imagine what it would like in search results
-If it is a mostly black dress with a small white design, you may choose just black as the color.
If the item is brand new with original tags attached, select NWT.
-If you purchased the item wholesale, select NWT Retail
-If neither of the above, select No

To end the livestream, we’ve featured two amazing closets; both closets have great photos and listing descriptions!

    • @Fancypantsmcgee – her flatlays are great because despite the variety of great pieces, you can always tell which is the main focus
    • @Mrstaylorjarvis – models her items, consistency in her imagery, very thorough descriptions that include brand, color, style keywords, care instructions, content, and condition

You can watch the full livestream here:

Can’t wait for you to join us next week, Tuesday at 4PM PT, on Poshmark 101!

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