The Details on Retail: 3 Retail Boutiques You Need to Know

This week’s Details on Retail was all about three very different Retail boutiques! They may stock different types of inventory in their boutiques, but all of them are building their businesses on Poshmark in an amazing way.


Quick recap: What is the Wholesale portal?
The Wholesale Portal is a place right in your Poshmark app where you can buy Wholesale inventory in bulk. Inventory will usually be sold in packs of five or six for you to then stock in your boutique and sell as “New with Tags” Retail! It is absolutely the fastest way to get your boutique going – and it couldn’t be easier! No resale license is required – woohoo!

Best of all, there is an exciting new update to your Wholesale experience! You can now find the Wholesale portal right in the Shop tab. That’s right! Easier, faster access to Wholesale. (Right now this update is only for iOS but will be available to all within a week!) Once you pop into the Wholesale Portal, you’ll find the next exciting update, which is that your Wholesale experience got a makeover! It’s now more shoppable than ever, with increased searchability within both closets and listings.

-Shop by listings or closets →  Switch seamlessly between viewing closets and listings.
-Updated Feed → The new feed updates in real time so you’ll never miss out on new inventory from your favorite brands!
-New filters and search bar —> Filter by trending to see what’s hot and search closets and listings to find exactly what you’re looking for—in just a couple taps.

Important thing to note is that the Wholesale portal will only be available if you are already Wholesale authorized. To become Wholesale authorized is easy – you need to have made 10 sales and have at least a 4.5 rating.

Now onto our three amazing sellers and their stories!

Established Seller // Jena (@Jenaforsberg)Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 1.43.48 PM
Jena has a highly curated, beautiful closet with a range of inventory across accessories and clothing. Her photography is on point! But that’s not all. Jena’s closet has a mission – to empower women! Her entire closet is based on her ethos that women should feel and look their best.

Retail and Resale seller // Michelle (@metchison)
Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 1.45.06 PM
She has a stunning closet with seriously gorgeous photos (lighting on fleek!). She sells both Retail and Resale inventory, but you would never know the difference because of how consistent her aesthetic is! Be sure to check out her gorgeous Boutique – we’re loving all the lace she has in there right now!

Fashion Entrepreneurship Fund Winner // Christie (@Christiemann24)
Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 1.46.28 PM
What’s amazing about Christie is that she is constantly trying new things! She’s sold many of the brands from the portal, and everything is modeled and styled beautifully. She’s also great at promoting her brand on Social Media which is a great tip if you’re trying to grow your Boutique.

Remember that you can make your Boutique whatever you want it to be! Whether you’re building your Retail business from the ground up, already an established boutique, or mixing retail and resale, Retail can be tailored to your needs!

You can catch the full livestream here:


3 thoughts on “The Details on Retail: 3 Retail Boutiques You Need to Know

  1. Great news! Love all three closets too. Btw, @metchison is also an E-Fund winner like myself and @christiemann24. Come see us all in our share group closet too: @schoolofposh

    Reblogging this now! 🙂

    Posh Love,

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