Posh N Sip $25 Giveaway!

Because the women who Posh N Sip are ALL rockstars by empowering their friends, we wanted to show our appreciation for joining this movement with a fun giveaway!

When you Posh N Sip, get your girlfriends together to get them started on Poshmark and share your amazing pro seller expertise. Whether you Posh N Sip with your besties in the comfort of your own home or even a local cafe, Posh N Sips are super easy and tons of fun!

Select Posh N Sippers will be entered for a chance to win $25 Posh Credit AND host an upcoming virtual Posh Party! Here’s how to enter:

  1. Create a listing in your Poshmark closet after your Posh N Sip with the following: at least one event photo from your Posh N Sip gathering, tag the new Poshers who attended in the comments, add the brand Posh N Sip. Here’s an example below to help!

    Example posh n sip listing

2. Entries must be posted by 2pm PT on the day following their Posh N Sip to qualify.

3. That’s it! Select Posh N Sippers who complete their Posh N Sip listing following their event by 2pm PT on each day will be entered into a pool from which we will randomly select a winner. Winner will be notified via email after each Posh N Sip.

Good luck!

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