Posh Moms Who Rock: @crazyposh

All this week, leading up to Mother’s Day, we will be profiling three Posh Moms Who Rock and talking with them about balance, entrepreneurship and how they are constantly living #ThePoshLife.

Are you ready to meet our second Posh Mom Who Rocks (um, yes!) Let’s meet Kelly:

Kelly // @crazyposh


What is one life-lesson that you have picked up in the Poshmark community that you would want to pass down to your children?
Work hard to achieve your goals, and no matter what the outcome, you’ll be better on the other side if you put your whole heart and strength into your work. In the Poshmark community there are so many hard working women being their own boss and putting everything into their Poshmark closet. These women inspire me to keep pursuing my own personal goals and dreams and the best part is that we encourage and support each other along the way. I want my children to know the value of hard work, and that great things come when you put your best effort into your work. I also want them to see how rewarding it is to help others achieve their dreams, as well.

What’s a day in the life of a Posh Mom?
Wake up, coffee. Quiet time on the couch, with more coffee. If my kids haven’t woken up by then, I’ll try to steal a couple minutes on Poshmark to check my newsfeed. Then I’m back in mom mode… feed the cute little munchkins, maybe have a play date or we’ll just have downtime together. About one morning a week we’ll all go together to some local shops to see if there are any great deals to pick up. Yes, I take my kids with me! My favorite second hand store has a play area for the kids so, obviously, I go there a lot! After lunch is when I can usually get at least 2 hours to dedicate towards Poshmark. After the kids go down for naps I try to add a couple of listings to my closet, share other Poshers items, and package as many sales as I can before they wake up. Then, back to being a mom. Snacks, running around, reading books, changing diapers, you name it. When my husband gets home I try to sneak some time away to check Poshmark and answer any questions Poshers might have, etc. After we eat dinner and get the kids to bed, my husband and I usually get some down time together (nothing like Netflix!) before CRASHING into bed. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. 🙂

Family picture 3

Do your family members play a role in your Poshmark business?
I couldn’t do this without the support from my husband. He built a database to inventory everything I was selling and even barcoded everything for me! So I feel like a legit store when I get to “scan out” my sales for the day. This helps him when we report our taxes. He’s crazy and does all sorts of charts and graphs showing how we have grown, what does and doesn’t work in our business, and more! My mother in law also shops for me and so that is pretty awesome, it’s like having a personal shopper!

What’s one piece advice you would give other mothers wanting to start a business on Poshmark?
You can do it. You absolutely can. When I first started selling on Poshmark I was making maybe 1 sale a week. With each sale, I learned things. Every week I got better at learning how to take covershots and understanding what items to look for that sell better. It does take patience, but you really can do this. If I can do it, anyone can! I’m just a normal mom, wearing yoga pants with my husband’s sweatshirt most days! If you have the drive to want to start your own home-based business, you can do it. The best part is that you start off small, and you grow at a pace that gives you the time to learn along the way and pursue the things that are really working for your closet. Some practical advice would be to make sure and have a phone with a great camera, and if you don’t have great natural lighting invest in some inexpensive lighting. That was one of my best purchases, and I can thank another posher for giving me that advice! If you are going to buy wholesale items, start small, and buy things that are trending or that are relevant.  

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