Posh Moms Who Rock: @gemmas_treasure

It’s almost time to celebrate some of the most amazing, strong and inspiring women, who we wouldn’t be here without – the moms! All this week, leading up to Mother’s Day, we will be profiling three Posh Moms Who Rock and talking with them about balance, entrepreneurship and how the are constantly living #ThePoshLife.

Let’s meet our first Posh Mom Who Rocks, Sharon!

Sharon // @gemmas_treasure 


What is one life-lesson that you have picked up in the Poshmark community that you would want to pass down to your children?
 You don’t have to meet someone face to face, to make their day. It can be as easy as making someone smile by a few kind words, or gesture you provided them. It doesn’t take much to do so, and is contagious.

How do you balance running a business with motherhood?
It’s a team effort. My 3 year old daughter, Gemma (who I named my business and closet after) knows what my first priority is in the morning, after hugs and cuddles; mommy’s got to check Poshmark, and “wrap packages”. She’ll ask to put stickers on wrappers and draw pictures to be sent out to buyers. She’s a true helper!  I think the most important thing, for this to work in my family, is to ensure everyone feels included and has a place to jump in.


Do your family members play a role in your Poshmark business?
Absolutely! As mentioned above, my daughter is a big fan of Poshmark and wants to help anywhere and anyway she can. My husband is a huge support and is always there to help with anything, including waiting in line at the post office for me. My mom is my biggest cheerleader and hands out my cards all the time! I couldn’t ask for a better support system.  

What’s one piece advice you would give other mothers wanting to start a business on Poshmark?
Go for it!  Plain and simple; Poshmark has given such a great and truly easy platform to utilize for any size business. The portal can be helpful for anyone wanting to test out new product for their buyers, so you really have nothing to lose.

P.S. Stay tuned right here on the blog for a giveaway to help us celebrate Mother’s Day, you could have a chance to win a Posh Shopping Spree!

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  1. This Army Mom thinks it’s a Brilliant Idea! I can’t wait to read about ALL the amazing Mothers and Mentors to SO Many Here On Poshmark! HOOAH!!! @partymk999

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