Key to Success: Sharing

The key to success on Poshmark is share, share, share!

If you’re new to Poshmark, you should know there are two types of shares: “Self shares” are when you can share your own listings to your followers or to a party or “Community Shares” when you share other people’s listings to your followers. Both benefit you and your sales as well as the overall community and the buyer experience on Poshmark.

Read on to see the benefits of sharing in the Poshmark community:


Self-shares are a powerful tool for keeping your closet top of mind for buyers and increasing exposure. Shares show in your followers’ Feed, and often your followers will share your listing to their followers too. It lets others know that your closet is active, and a closet with a lot of shares can attract buyers — more sales? Yes please!

Posh Tip: Sharing keeps the listings at the top of search results, brand pages, followers’ Feeds, and showrooms!

Curious to know how often you self-share? Check out your Closet Stats on the account tab!

Your Feed is the place where all shares from the Poshers that you follow show up—both their self-shares and community shares. Sometimes, multiple shares are combined in your Feed to make discovery easier.

Community Shares


Sharing another Posher’s listing is the easiest way to spread the love and infuse energy into the community. Community shares build connections with others and can help increase your sales. (Remember, sellers are also buyers!) We always encourage Poshers to return a share for a share because it helps everyone expand their networks and reach new buyers.  The Poshmark platform is built on love and support, so don’t forget to pay it forward and pass on the PoshLove!

Posh Tip: New visitors to your closet will look at your Shares and be inspired to follow you. Be a Posh Stylist to the community and curate Shares that reflect your unique style.

Just like self-shares, community shares can also be combined in the Feed for easy discovery and browsing.

Posh Party Shares

Posh Parties are the perfect time to share your listings and reach hundreds of thousands of Poshers browsing the party showrooms.  There are five different showrooms that can highlight your listings, such as NWT, Designer, and First Look. Each showroom can be seen by all Poshers in the community!  Your listing appears chronologically based on its first share time in the Party showrooms. Any additional shares of that listing will still appear in your follower’s Feed.

Posh Tip: The Posh Party main showroom becomes dynamic after the party ends so your listing will go to the top of the showroom when it is shared even after the party is over!

Remember—each share builds your network, followers, and ultimately your sales.

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  1. I am new to selling on Poshmark, but have been a buyer on here numerous times. However, I am not on twitter etc… I want to return shares back though. Can I share their closets back to all off Poshmark follower’s?

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