And the Fashion Entrepreneurs Fund Winners Are…

Remember when we announced that 50 lucky Poshers had a chance to win $500 to put towards their retail businesses on Poshmark? Well, the Fashion Entrepreneurs Fund winners have been chosen! (Can we get a heck yes?!)

E FUND round 2 blog
Last week we announced the first 25 winners, and now it’s time to share the remaining 25 winners! As a reminder, the Fashion Entrepreneurs Fund winners fall under two categories: Retail Recruits (relatively new to retail on Poshmark) and Retail Veterans (already stock a fair amount of retail items).

This week’s Retail Recruits are:

Nee Hoang // @bluegreenwagon
Erica Clark // @clarkerica8
Gabby Kay // @designhamptons
Denise Gorman // @exexec
Haley Hagen // @haleyjean01
Jessica Paul // @jessicapaul
Kylie Corrigan // @kyliebrienn
Monica Oconnor // @mloconnor8
Whitney Myers // @mrbpenny
Olivia Beavers // @olcb93
Lisa Drogin // @storyofmydress
Renee Martin // @swapshop

This week’s Retail Veterans are:

Kristen Ellis // @breezyleigh
Bethany Wolfe // @bwenger
Denise Otico // @dasrozo
Gina Mahaz // @ginaisabella
Cheryl Ontell // @italia1grl
Elaine Kim // @itselaine
Dorothy Kim // @ivyandchantelle  
Kimberly Gomez-Ortigoza // @kegso
Melanie Wilcox // @melaniekaren
Deana Boucher // @runnergirl36
Carla-Marie Mercun // @singernyc
Kristen Good // @skylarandozzie
Toni Philips-Tees // @twinkletoestoni

Last week’s Retail Recruits are:

Brittany Hughes // @britthughes7
Christie Barker // @christiemann24
Jasmine Diaz // @jd11923
Jennifer Barnes // @jenbarnes16
Lucy Albrecht // @linensbylucy
Nesh Aqrawi // @naqaqi
Alison Tran // @princess_alison
Sara Jones // @saralizbethj 
Jessica Estrada // @style4love
Courtney Robb // @lucidemotion 
Michelle Etchison // @metchison
Hannah Zombory // @rhzombory
Carol Tang // @cjtang

Last week’s Retail Veterans are:

Amanda DeLisi // @amandadelisi 
Matosha Williams // @bagladee 
Shonda Sorritelli-Dunn // @bellacincy 
Destrie Dee // @destriedee 
Jessica Silansky // @persuasions 
Jessica Cummings // @jnc650 
Kim Floyd // @kimz_kloset
Lesley Casella // @lesleyscloset 
Mary Stefanik // @marystefanik
Meredith Mcbride // @meredithsshop 
Kim Brannon // @poshmishmosh
Priya Motwani // @riyasshop 

After receiving thousands and thousands of applications full of inspiring stories and PoshLove, we’ve selected these amazing women to receive $500 to use in the Poshmark Wholesale Portal. They’ll be growing their businesses, so keep an eye on their closets for new retail additions! We can’t wait to see what they’ve got in store for us.

Thanks to all who applied and congrats to our winners! 

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