Closet Clear-Out Tips: Make Some Green This 2016

A new year has just begun and what better time to rid your closet of unwanted clothes than right at this moment (all while making some extra moolah!)? We have all at one point or another looked in our overstuffed closet and declared that we had nothing to wear. While some people have a difficult time getting rid of clothes, it doesn’t have to be that hard.


When cleaning out your closet, there are a few key tips you should always remember that can help you decide which items to part with. Below are our top three tips to help you get ready to clean out your closet:

  1. The Right Fit

Are you guilty of keeping clothes in your closet that don’t fit with hopes that you’ll wear it again someday? #same. This is the likeliest reason you only wear 25% of the items in your closet. Enter the “One Year Rule”. If you have not worn an item in the past year, or don’t realistically see yourself wearing it in the anytime in the future, it is officially time to say “au revoir”. This way, you save room in your closet for items you will actually wear and don’t have to worry about unwanted items taking up space.

  1.  Personal Style Evolution

Another question you should ask yourself is if the item fits your current personal style. Did you buy one too many trendy items last year and are currently looking to go with a more classic, minimalist style? Yup, we feel ya. It is perfectly normal for your style to vary with time so it is important to imagine yourself buying the item now. If you wouldn’t purchase something at this moment what are the chances you are ever going to wear it again? Slim to none.


  1. New Year New You

The items in your closet may be stylish and chic, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they make you feel that way. You should only keep clothes in your closet that make you feel confident.  If one of your items doesn’t make you feel your absolute best, it is time to let go.  That top may look great on the hanger but if you don’t feel great wearing it, maybe someone else will.  

Now it’s your turn! What rules do you have when it comes time for a closet clean-out?

((Images via Pinterest and Architectural Digest))


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