Happy Fourth Birthday, Poshmark!


Go shorty, it’s our birthday. We’re goin’ to party like it’s our birthday!

Well, it’s not today, but Poshmark’s fourth birthday is THIS Sunday, December 6th and we want you all to celebrate with us!

Here’s how you can spread the birthday #PoshLove:
Share a photo that you think best represents #PoshLove on Instagram using hashtag #PoshmarkTurns4. We’ll be featuring some of our faves on social media all weekend long.

snow heart Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 3.21.27 PM 


Wish us a Snappy Birthday:
Are you following @TeamPoshmark on Snapchat? We have a fun birthday surprise planned so be sure to follow us and check out our Snapchat story for a fun celebration!

Now, let’s eat some cake shall we?!

One thought on “Happy Fourth Birthday, Poshmark!

  1. Hi Posh and Happy 4th!
    Had a quick question that was on my mind that hopefully gets answered:-)
    I have alot of people adding listings to a bundle in great number alot! They will bundle like 10 items but never come through with a purchase. Do I have something not right? I have my seller discount on as 15% off 4 or more items. Again, why is it that people keeping making bundle pkgs, but never come through with a purchase?

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