Retail on Poshmark: FAQs

Looking to grow your business on Poshmark? We’ve put together the most frequently asked questions about Boutiques and the Wholesale Market to help you get started.

What is a Boutique?
A Boutique is a boutique certified Poshmark seller that purchases inventory wholesale or directly from a distributor and is selling it to the public for the first time. These Seller Stylists are focused on stocking beautiful inventory and creating a stylized, elevated shopping experience—just like what you’d find in a brick and mortar store.

How can I become a Boutique?
The easiest way to turn your closet into a Boutique is to purchase your first batch of inventory directly from the Wholesale Market.

What is the Wholesale Market?
The Wholesale Market is your go-to source for buying inventory. There’s a huge selection of categories to choose from, including Women, Men, Kids, and Plus. Simply tap the menu on the top left to switch to the Wholesale Market to see if you have access.

Can anyone buy from the Wholesale Market?
Yes! You must have 10 successful sales under your belt and an average rating of 4.5+ to unlock the Wholesale Market.

If you haven’t met the criteria yet, please email with why you’d be a good fit.

So I bought inventory from the Wholesale Market or another distributor. What now?
You must complete a quick and easy in-app Boutique Certification. This will allow you to tag items as Boutique on Poshmark when you list your new inventory.

Where can I find Boutique Certification?
Head over to app and go to Account Tab > My Seller Tools > Boutique Certification to get started.

Ok so I’m boutique certified. Are there any requirements I have to follow?
Once you’re boutique certified there are a couple requirements we ask our sellers to follow:

  • Listings must be purchased wholesale or directly from a distributor and are being sold to the public for the first time.
  • Boutique listings should only include original photography.
  • Boutique sellers should provide exceptional customer service and should comply with Poshmark’s community guidelines.


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  1. If I have a company that is willing to let me purchase wholesale from them so I can sell “New Retail” in my Posh-Closet, can I still become a “Boutique”? And can I apply for the Fashion Entrepreneur Fund contest?

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