Make Poshmark your full-time job


Have you always dreamed of turning your Poshmark closet into a full-time job? Retail on Poshmark can make these dreams a reality. Get started by applying to our Fashion Entrepreneurs Fund!

What is the Fashion Entrepreneurs Fund?

Through the Fashion Entrepreneurs Fund, we’re offering financial grants of $500 in Posh Credit to 50 sellers to help purchase their first batch of Retail inventory.

In order to be eligible for the grant, you’ll need to complete Poshmark’s Retail Certification. It’s a quick and easy process that explains more about NWT Retail and our policies. Visit the Support Center in your Account tab to get your certification.

As a Retail seller, this is only the beginning. We’re working behind the scenes to bring you even more tools to grow your business.

Apply to the Fashion Entrepreneurs Fund today!

5 thoughts on “Make Poshmark your full-time job

  1. Quick question–If selected, the $500 will be given in the form of Posh credit in order to jumpstart a user’s retail business, but the items sold in compliance with the Retail rules state that they need to be purchased from wholesale and by a distributor. How can the initial $500 be used toward outside purchases if only give in credit form? Sorry if I missed any information given in the app support page or on this post. Any information would be helpful. Thanks!

    1. I have the same question, and it would make a big difference when developing a business plan whether or not you are purchasing items exclusively from poshmark. I also was wondering if existing businesses were eligible as well. I am in the process of building my brand and would consider holding off on the official launch if it would disqualify me from applying.

      1. Hi Gina, Poshmark is working to have wholesale merchandise directly from top brands to be sold to retail certified sellers on our platform. While we don’t believe the issue you mention would disqualify you, please reach out to for direct assistance.

  2. This is an exciting opportunity for many Poshers to step out of the box and expand their closets. I think change always comes with a little fear of the unknown. I started on Poshmark to clear out my closet. It quickly became addicting so I branched out into buying items to resell. Now I am moving into wholesale items as well. My hope is having a variety of items available in my closet will generate the most success. It’s natural to be uneasy, but I believe we will all continue to succeed on Poshmark as long as our customers are satisfied with their purchases. @poshmishmosh

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