The New World of Fashion is Now on Poshmark


Millions of women across America get it: Poshmark is the best place to buy and sell fashion because it’s also the perfect way to connect with fellow fashion lovers and express your personal style. Hold onto your Manolos, Poshers, because it’s getting even better.

Introducing Retail on Poshmark: bringing you the brands and styles you love like no one else. Now you can shop brand new retail AND previously loved resale – right out of the closets of women whose style you adore.

It’s everything you want, all in one place. Discover Retail on Poshmark.

iPhone 6 Cases Boho Jewelry Cardigans for Fall
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4 thoughts on “The New World of Fashion is Now on Poshmark

    1. Hi Diane, your items will still be just as visible, and with this update we’ll be bringing in even more potential shoppers. We encourage you to continue to take beautiful photos of your items and actively share in order to get items sold. Happy Poshing!

  1. PMHQ’s a vision! Thank you for always growing with the community. Can’t wait for the Entrepreneur Funding – lack of funds has discouraged users from scaling. So excited to see everything pan out in January!! Thank you again to Manish, Tracy, and everyone over at HQ 🙂

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