PMHQ Style: Fall Shoes

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With the season officially changed to fall, the ladies of Team Posh are still keeping it laid back and chic with three favorite shoe styles. We celebrate personal style around Poshmark headquarters (a.k.a. PMHQ) and we love how each gal expresses her style so effortlessly. 

Cindy // @xcindero

cindy outfit cindy shoes

BCBG Jezelebelle Booties: Black booties are like a security blanket to me. They go with EVERYTHING and add the right amount of attitude to any outfit. Have a lace dress that you want to toughen up? Pair it with black booties!

Barbara // @justbar

barbara outfit barbara shoes

Nike Air Max Thea: When it comes to work attire or everyday style, the two most important things I keep in mind are comfort and confidence, which go hand in hand. I love wearing my Nike Air Max Thea because they encompass my two rules to wardrobe but also are in trend. Sneakers in general, add the laid-back stay I always go for.

Gwen // @missgwenbliss

gwen outfit gwen shoes

Free People Belmont Leather Clogs: I’m a huge fan of the ’70s, and vintage items in general, so these heels are the perfect combination of modern and retro. Everything, from the wood soles to the red leather details and ankle straps, makes them a fun and comfortable statement! They get you where you need to go, with a few compliments from others along the way.


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