PoshFest 2015: How to Network Like a Pro


You have your ticket. Your bags are packed. You are ready to make your mark at PoshFest 2015. Feeling nervous about networking? Don’t sweat it! Poshers are flying in from all over the country and they’re looking forward to connecting with you. If you’re nervous, chances are everyone else is, too. So don’t worry! Just be yourself and keep these tips in mind and you’ll be a networking pro in no time.

Connect in Advance Via the App

Afraid you won’t know anyone at the event? Seek out fellow Poshers who are going so you’ll have a few buddies before you even get there. One way to do this is to add the I’m Going badge to your closet with the brand PoshFest. By searching the PoshFest brand, you’ll see who else is going. You can also find friends via the official Facebook event page.

Be Prepared

While you can always talk about your love of Poshmark, it also helps to have other ice breakers prepared. People typically enjoy talking about where they’re from, their family, hobbies, etc. One easy tip for getting Poshers to open up? Ask about their outfit! We’re fashion lovers and every piece has a story. To truly be ready to network, try practicing before you get to PoshFest so that it will be smooth sailing at the event.

Smile and Breathe

Show off your smile, muster up a little confidence (even if you have to fake it a little) and say hello. It’s really that simple. Who doesn’t want to meet a fellow smiling Posher? Plus, since you’re both Poshmark obsessed, you already have something in common to chat about!

Bring Business Cards

You’re bound to meet a lot of people, but may have trouble remembering them all. It happens at a big event like PoshFest. One great way to be sure to keep in touch after the event is to bring a business card. Include your name, closet name, a photo or design to represent your closet, and even your referral code, so you can use these at PoshFest and beyond.

Be Introduced + Make Connections

Want to meet a Power Posher or fashion influencer? Ask around for an introduction so you have an “in” to make an impactful connection. Getting the hang of networking? Help another Posher out by connecting people with similar interests – they’ll be grateful!

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