How to Throw the Ultimate Poshmark Meet-Up


One of the best parts about Poshmark is the amazing community of women who are not only making serious money building their fashion businesses, but also making lifelong friends along the way.  What’s better than Poshing with your friends? Poshing together IRL at a Posh N Sip!

If you want to get to know PFFs in your area, this post is for you! We caught up with Poshers and friends Tanya, Jen and Amy for their tips on prepping, promoting and hosting a successful meet-up. Get ready to network and be a party planning pro in no time!

Plan and Prep

  • Team up with your PFFs
  • Reach out to Poshmark for support
  • Pick a Venue
  • Create an Eventbrite page
  • Make a checklist of items for the actual event (Props, nametags, drink tickets, raffle prizes)

Tanya says: Create a team. Yes, you can always plan a party alone. However, if you know of local Poshers, team up!  Teaming up with other Poshers to throw your meet-up means more people promoting, more people to help with the event, and friendships that grow before your eyes!  After throwing the party with Jen and Amy, I now consider them more than just PFFs, but true lifetime friends!

Jen says: Recruit co-hosts that are just as passionate, fun, and motivated as you are. Make sure all co-hosts are aware and support your overall goals for the event. Find a venue that is affordable, accessible, but also creates the right atmosphere for the event.

Promote and Market

  • Create a graphic with the meet-up details (location, time, eventbrite link)
  • Create a listing in your Poshmark closet to share with the community
  • Share on social media and come up with a fun hashtag

Amy says: Create a party flyer that is intriguing and inviting. Tanya, Jen and I had a photoshoot to promote our event. We wanted our guests to get to know us on a personal level and see who is involved behind the scenes. Share your post on all social media; Poshmark, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Urge your PFFs to help share to gain awareness.

During the Event

  • Provide name tags so everyone can easily connect
  • Having activities like ice breaker games, a tip swapping session, or a raffle can keep the excitement level high throughout your event
  • Take LOTS of photos and share on social media and use your hashtag so everyone can see what a great event you put on
  • Mingle, socialize and have fun!

Amy says: Arrive early to set up to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Set up a check-in booth so that your guests are welcomed at the door and feel comfortable; especially since a lot of ladies will arrive alone. Walk around, mingle, make sure everyone is having a great time!

Jen says: The main goal is to keep the energy and enthusiasm flowing throughout the entire event. Socialize with everyone who attends, mindfully allotting time with each guest to ensure that you connect with everyone at the event. Connect all the guests with each other, by making the atmosphere welcoming and enjoyable.


  • Post your photos to your social media channels
  • Update your meet-up listing on Poshmark with some photos and details from the event
  • Thank your guests for attending
  • Start planning your next meet-up!

Amy says: Don’t forget to thank everyone for coming! Our event was followed up by a hashtag contest that continued for a week after the event to keep the momentum going. We encouraged our attendees to share their pictures online with our special hastags #poshlovesla for a chance to win a prize. Keeping in touch with your guests after the event is essential in ensuring they come to the next one!

Tanya says: Share all your party pictures on Facebook, Instagram and Poshmark.  Everyone who attended wants to see pictures of the party!  Share your pictures via social media, tag people, and don’t forget to tag @poshmark so they can see too!  This will even help you get some buzz going for your next party. 😉

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  1. This ‘Poshlovesla’ party, from where the photo shown was taken was a lot of fun!! I’ve been to a couple now that Jen has hosted-co-hosted and they’re always outstanding!!

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