Posh Tip: Being Social Increases Your Sales

So you’ve added tons of new listings to your closet and are itching to make cash ASAP. Instead of waiting by your phone for a sale to come your way, take action and make it happen by being a social bee on the app! Our platform was designed to infuse social into shopping, so staying engaged with the Poshmark community not only helps you make friends, but it is the key to racking up some of that moo-lah!

To help you get started, here are three top tips to help your listings earn that red “Sold” flag.

being social

Share Listings With Followers & To Parties

Sharing is a great way to get more views, whether it’s sharing your own listing or someone else’s to our virtual Posh Parties, with your own Poshmark followers or even on your social media channels, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Sharing is the perfect technique to get others to come peek at your closet and see your amazing listings!

While it not only helps make sales, you can also establish yourself as a Posh Mentor. These seasoned Poshers earn this role by finding new closets to follow  by visiting “My Closet Stats” and selecting “New Closets Shared.” It’s a fun way to get involved and get your closet noticed. 

Follow New Users

Browsing and finding other Poshers like you with similar tastes and interests is perfect way to make new connections —  meaning more followers, interactions, sharing and sales! The new Posher will be grateful to make a friend and who knows, they may like what’s in your closet and make a purchase, share and follow back! It’s all about spreading the PoshLove.

Comment On Listings

Leaving a comment is the best way to get in direct contact with another Posher, whether you wish to ask a question on an item you like, thank a seller or buyer, or just want to leave a kind compliment. If you really want to get to know someone, leave a comment on their Meet the Posher listing and voila! You’ve made a new friend. Want to share a good find or connect with other Poshers on a listing that isn’t theirs? Simply type the @ symbol and enter their username to tag them in a comment.

Now you’re all set to be a social, successful seller! Want more helpful info? See our other Posh Tips!

2 thoughts on “Posh Tip: Being Social Increases Your Sales

  1. I have enjoyed being on the purchasing side forever! So many great products and people!
    I know am going to start my own closet! Some shoes at first. I am excited! & nervous! So I am educating myself as much as possible! I know this is going to turn out to be a wonderful and exciting opportunity! I know I will make new friends and get great advice from the wonderful Posh community! This could possibly help me realize my lifetime dream of being in the fashion industry! So, Here’s to YOU CONNIE, & Here’s to ME! May we have a fun and prosperous endeavor!

  2. Hey I am new to poshmark and I really love this website and all the great people on here.I just added clothing to sell so I haven’t sold an item yet but I am looking forward to it and thank you everyone for all your likes and have a great day 😃

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