Top 4 Reasons to Go to PoshFest 2015


PoshFest, our annual conference taking place in San Francisco November 7-8, is the place to take your Poshmark obsession to the next level. Don’t just take our word for it! These four Poshers are here to share why they’re going.

1. Get Tips from Power Poshers

“Some Poshers are making sales and expanding their closets non-stop. But, how do they do it? I can ask them, of course! Going to PoshFest will give me the chance to talk and get feedback from amazing women that are now full-fledged Poshtrepeneurs!”

-Allie, @allie89

2. Learn to Make A Business

“I learned so much valuable information last year that I was able to make Poshmark into a real business. Sales exploded after PoshFest and I can’t wait to go back and learn more from all the wise Poshers out there who are doing the same thing.”

— Kelly, @crazyposh

3. Be Majorly Inspired

“I can’t wait to go to PoshFest because I know after listening to all the amazing information that weekend, along with networking with my fellow Poshers, I will go home feeling more inspired and motivated than ever!”
— Tanya, @tanyakara

4. Meet PFFs and Make New Ones

“It goes without saying that this is every Posher’s #1 reason for attending PoshFest. I’ve met some of my closest friends through in-app interactions and live Posh Parties and I absolutely cannot wait to see them again.”

— Sarah, @herparallax

Don’t miss out on your chance to gain exclusive tips and tools, make essential connections, and have fun while you’re at it. Register for PoshFest today!

3 thoughts on “Top 4 Reasons to Go to PoshFest 2015

  1. I am attending Posh fest this year for the first time ever! I am so excited I was able to use Poshmark to raise enough money so I could attend. I have so much to learn, and can’t wait to take full advantage of this amazing opportunity.
    @danystormborn (aka Brooke)

  2. This turned out amazing! Thank you SO MUCH for reaching out to me to state why PoshFest is SO IMPORTANT and SO FUN! I LOVE POSHMARK! 🙂 LOVE- KELLY @crazyposh

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