PoshFest 2015: Call For Speakers

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We’re less than three months away from PoshFest 2015 in San Francisco and we couldn’t be more excited to get inspired, empowered and connected with our PFFs. As we continue to work around the clock to organize all of the details, including the agenda, we want to hear directly from you.

Do you have a topic you want covered at PoshFest? Think you or a fellow Posher would be the perfect panelist or speaker? It’s time to let us know! Share your ideas with us by filling out this short form by Thursday, September 4th. We will gather each submission, and reach out directly as needed, to incorporate your ideas into our final agenda.

Haven’t registered yet? This event is sure to sell out and you don’t want to miss your chance at all this insider information. Register today!

Still looking for a hotel in San Francisco? The Parc 55 is offering PoshFest attendees a discount! Use this special reservation link  to book your room. Please note that this discount is offered on a first come, first served basis.

Can’t wait to see you there!

4 thoughts on “PoshFest 2015: Call For Speakers

  1. Hello! I’ve been on Poshmark since October 2012 and have been organizing meet ups/ meet & greet parties since 2013. It’s been a learning experience and I’d really love to share what I’ve learned. Our parties are quite successful and tons of fun as well as giving help to the newer poshers! I would really like to share what works so that others can have a successful party too! I love being a mentor and hope that others can plan parties in their area too! I would be so honored if you would choose me to speak. I’ve learned by trial & error and would love to help others by sharing what I’ve found works! These parties are such a wonderful way to encourage others in the Poshmark community! Plus, it helps build poshers with a solid foundation that follow guidelines so that they will become pillars in our community. Many can’t afford to attend Poshfest so these parties are a great way to gain knowledge and network with others!!

    Please please consider me for this honor.

    Your Faithful Posher,


    1. Hi Rochelle, thanks for sharing and for being an avid supporter of Poshmark! Please make sure you add your ideas via the form found in the blog post so we can take it into consideration. Thank you!

  2. I’ve been on Poshmark since April 2013 and I absolutely love it! I talk about how great it is and even take my breaks so I can share during the earlier parties. Many of my coworkers are asking me to do a beginners lesson at our office before they make an account. I assure them that it is really easy but they still encourage me to teach them more.

  3. Good day my nama is Toni Spadoni @spadoni57 and have been on PM since early December 2012. I was new to the US from Canada with no connections. I happened to see the app run through my FB feed and thought why not! Im 58 and a retired social worker who loves clothes & fashion. PM allowed to to combine both, earn a few dollars & many PFF’s. I am also honored to be part of the new PMconcierge service & feel I have a great perspective about the success of the service & being part of something that matters! I would love to share my story to help pay forward the women who shared theirs with me!!
    Thank you

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