Jumpsuits for Every Body Type

Whether it’s a casual lunch or a night out on the town, jumpsuits are everywhere this season. Think you can’t rock this trend? Think again. Jumpsuits can be challenging, but it’s all about choosing the right style for you. To find your perfect jumpsuit, keep these three factors in mind: cut, fabric and print.



If you’re more on the curvy side, it’s best to avoid large prints and styles that are too baggy or overly form-fitting. Be on the lookout for solid colors and neutral prints and smooth fabrics and don’t forget to add a pair of heels for a slimming and elongated effect. You should also consider low necklines and modest embellishment, if any.

When it comes to styling, add a belt to perfectly enhance your waist. For a more flashy look, explore adding colorful or embellished statement necklaces to balance your body proportions and bring on the drama.



For petite figures, choose skinny straps or v-neck styles with a shorter cut, to show off the length of your legs. You’ll want to avoid longer, loose cuts as this can make the body appear smaller in size. Petite frames are best in small patterns and solid colors as this helps make the frame seem taller than it actually is.



For those of you on the slimmer side, explore in loose flowing and printed jumpsuits to add definition to your body and accentuate your curves. Denim jumpsuits and rompers have been a season favorite for slimmer figures. If you decide to go down the denim route, keep in mind that it’s all about a perfect fit. Try to steer clear from denim jumpsuits that hug or sit on your curves as you want to find one that are a bit looser but slim fitting.

By keeping these general rules and your curves in mind, your hunt to finding the perfect jumpsuit will be more fun and easygoing than challenging as you will see your jumpsuit collection grow. Ready to get started? Check out our Jumpsuits and Rompers Showroom!

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