App Update: Grow Your Network & Sales with Meet the Posher


Not only is making new friends fun, but when you do it on Poshmark, it can lead to more sales! To help you grow your network, we’ve made it easier than ever to connect with new Poshers and deepen existing relationships – all thanks to Meet the Posher.

How to Connect with Meet the Posher

A Meet the Posher listing is the perfect way to introduce yourself to the community. Here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Create a listing that’s all about you! Include personal photos and info – and be sure to type in the brand as “Meet the Posher.” Already made a personal listing? Share it with your followers and then skip ahead to Step 2.

Step 1

Step 2: Go to your About page and click “Choose Your Meet the Posher Listing.”

Step 2

Step 3: Select your listing and save it. That’s it!

Step 3

If in Step 3, you don’t see your listing, go back to your closet and share the listing to your followers. Then repeat Steps 2-3.

Connect, Meet and Mingle!

So get out there and connect! One way to meet Poshers is to go to your feed, click on the People Finder and go to New People. A friendly comment on their Meet the Posher listing is the perfect way to connect and spread the #PoshLove.

16 thoughts on “App Update: Grow Your Network & Sales with Meet the Posher

  1. I love the app but wish it was more iOS friendly! I have the new iPhone 6s and it KILLS my battery and takes forever to load. I can tell that it’s an older version because the text is HUGE compared to other apps – Hopefully soon they will update the app!! Other than that I Love POSH so much and have been having lots of fun as a new user xoxo

  2. I love this new feature! I appreciate knowing a little bit about the person I’m buying from and/or Posh-networking with. And like @trixiemorgan, I also hope the original “About the Posher” feature stays the same. It’s one way of determining whether or not the Posher is recognized as a Top-rated Seller or Suggested User, which USUALLY means their closet is compliant with Posh rules and guidelines (but not always). I only follow and share Posh-compliant closets.
    Thanks, Poshmark for giving us yet another tool to help us!

  3. I absolutely love Posh! Om a busy mom of two little ones, i hated shopping because i couldnt enjoy taking my time. Also, being a military spouse, some places do not have my favorite stores. Hawaii is one of them. POSH is my go to app for my shopping. Thanks so much for the updates on the app! Xoxo

  4. I like that Poshmark is always looking for New* ways for the community to grow together 👭.. I made my Meet the Posher Profile, have you? 8/17/15

  5. So, wait. Did all of the other information that was under the About button just disappear? (shipping time, feedback, etc) I’m not seeing how you can access that information anymore…and I really liked being able to look at this before I decide whether or not to buy something from a seller.

    Can you please point me in the right direction if I’m missing this? Thanks in advance!

  6. I love this feature i like the idea that posh keep it fresh and keep adding new and innovative ways to keep connected this is a great feature I’m on it 🙂

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