#ClosetCrush: @concept


Summer is winding down and you’re dreaming of a trip to Europe. Who can blame you? Whether you’re jetsetting or simply want to pretend, it’s definitely enough inspiration to spice up your wardrobe. For flowy, boho one-pieces and adorably patterned tops, Meli’s closet is your go-to. Plus, when you use the bundle feature you can save even more when you stock up with gorgeous clothes to fill up your suitcase.

  1. Anthropologie Romper $70 (Retail $128)
  2. Resort Wear Top with Fuchsia Seed Beads $47 (Retail $198)
  3. Robert Rodriguez Gold Cropped Jacket $99 (Retail $985)
  4. Ice Cream Print Sheer Peplum Top $8
  5. BCBG Striped Dress $84
  6. Anthropologie Postella Colorful Dress $49 (Retail $98)
  7. Colorful Swimsuit Coverup $38
  8. Mint Green Shift Dress $12

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