Style Glossary: Sunglasses

Round, square, oval, or heart? When shopping for sunglasses, it’s not just about knowing the perfect shape. Be sure these four popular styles are on your radar when on the hunt for your next pair of shades!



Aviator: A style of sunglasses identified by their thin metal frame, double bridge, and teardrop-shaped lenses that are usually reflective or smoked.



Cat-eye: A sunglass style made famous by Hollywood stars in the ‘50s. They are categorized by the upswept angle of their frames.



Clubmaster: Sunglasses with a frame that is thick on the top part of the frame while the bottom half of the frame is ultra-thin. Also known as browline due to the portion over your brow being thicker.



Wayfarer: A style of sunglasses known by their thick plastic frames and boxy square shape.

Pro Sellers Tip: Use these terms in your listing description, when applicable, to help potential buyers find your item!

Want to beef up your style vocabulary even more? Peep our entire Style Glossary!

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