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Hello fabulous ladies of Posh!  I am super excited to be the host of tonight’s Downtown Glam Posh Party and would love to tell you a bit about myself. I am one of those crazy people who chooses to live on the island of Manhattan. I schlep my groceries, walk miles every day, hear sirens at all times of the day, and navigate traffic. But on the other hand, New York is one of the most amazing and creative places on earth. I wouldn’t have started my business, E.Kammeyer Accessories, had I not been here, nor met my husband.

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Yes, I am recently married and when I was chatting with the amazing women at Posh, they asked me to share a bit of my wedding wisdom with you. So here it goes!

My top 5 tips to get wedding ready:

1. Make a workout schedule.  How intense the schedule is up to you. Now, most people would consider me a maniac when it comes to fitness, especially my husband. So when it came down to my wedding, I wanted to make sure it looked as toned as I could. I chose to hire a trainer, Andrea from, who I worked out with twice a week, and who created my entire workout schedule up until the wedding for me. This included working out 7-9 times a week. I’m not going to lie, it was a lot, but worth it in the end. Not everyone needs to go this nuts though. My suggestion is find a plan you can follow and feel confident in.

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2. Get serious about your skincare.  I got facials once a month for the six months leading up to the wedding from VMV Hypoallergenics in NYC. Additionally, I created a daily skin care regimen that I followed from Juice Beauty. For more details on my regimen, check next week for my post on wedding skincare.

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3. Start hunting for your bridesmaids gifts, groom’s gift, etc. I chose to give my bridesmaids a few cute little items. Each received a piece of jewelry I picked out for each individual, a clutch with a cute little french phrase (our wedding was in France), and heart sunglasses. A great place to find bridemaids gifts is Poshmark!  There are tons of closets that are bursting at the seams with cute gift ideas.

4. Create a wedding spreadsheet. I happen to not be very good at this kind of thing, but found out through the planning process that my now husband is an amazing project manager and spreadsheet master! We found a template on Google docs and made it our own.  Google docs was a genius tool!  We could share the spreadsheet with each other as well as our wedding planner and anyone else.

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5. Take time to breathe and enjoy the precious moments. Planning a wedding is no small feat.  Make sure to take the time to enjoy yourself with your friends, family and partner.  The moments I had with my bridesmaids making the invitations were some of my favorite. If I had let the stress get the better of me, this would have been just a task. Instead we had a blast staying up late and treasuring the time we all had together. Make sure to soak up these moments, they fly by.

For more wedding fun and to see the entire adventure unfold, check out  I’ll be posting wedding details about beauty, style and planning over the next month.

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