Four Ways to Style a T-Shirt

Everybody has at least one in their closet, and you likely have more than one. It is a wardrobe staple. What are we talking about? The plain ol’ black T-shirt.

The black tee is a wardrobe staple because you can pair it with just about anything for any occasion. From casual to fancy, from work to date night, it’s a versatile piece to have in your closet.

Before you say that this style is too “plain Jane,” check out these four ways to style one. It’s proof that your black T-shirt is a swan in the making.

Miss Casual


Running late to a brunch and don’t know what to wear? Pair a black tee with ripped jeans and heeled booties for a casual and comfy look that is perfect for Sunday Funday.

Date Night


Be comfortable on your date by switching out your jeans for a long skirt in a bright color. Add a complimentary belt to highlight your figure. This cool and casual look will bound to enchant your date.

Business Cool


Pair your black tee with a lacey pencil skirt and a structured bag to make this wardrobe staple work appropriate.

Feeling Fancy


Going to paint the town red? Pair this closet essential with a fun voluminous skirt or dress for a sexy cool look. If you’re layering over a dress, tie the T-shirt along your waistline and layer a statement necklace. Voila! Your classic item is no longer so plain Jane.


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  1. how do I find a particular persons closet? I have searched by name and closet and can’t get anywhere, Can you please help asap?

    1. Hi Anita, in the app, go to your feed and click the Friend Finder icon in the upper lefthand corner. Type in the closet name and you should find it there. On the web, you can also spell it out in the URL:

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