Guest Feature: Melanie Patterson’s Merchandising Magic Tips

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Hello fabulous Poshers! My name is Melanie and I’m a style blogger at and I’m also a fashion illustrator and graphic designer. I’m all about creating beautiful imagery. From my art and design work to my Poshmark clothing listings, I love to develop a look that I hope people can appreciate! Branding and creative marketing are some of my biggest passions so I’m here to share some tips with you!


Why is merchandising your closet important? A closet needs to be merchandised to maximize your sales potential. When you choose an overall aesthetic, it’s one less thing for your buyers to focus on. You want them to notice your clothes, not your wood floor AND your aztec throw blanket AND your gauzy curtains AND your closet door. Make it easier for them to take the item in since that’s what you’re trying to sell.


Original photo, photo after editing in Snapseed, photo after editing in VSCO.

Do you use photo editing apps? Which are your favorites? I ALWAYS take the photo in the phone’s native camera in square mode (it automatically does the cropping work for you) and then I get optimal brightness in the Snapseed app. After that, I run it through the VSCO Cam app and throw on a filter, adjust warmth, temperature, sharpness, and whatever else necessary, always making sure to keep the image true to the actual product color. Of course, nothing beats natural light…no app can duplicate that look and it’s my best tool for my base images.

What three tips would you give someone just starting out on Poshmark? If you’re just starting out on Poshmark, I recommend this:

  1. Your images are most important. Take the time to take great photos and it’ll pay off. If you do the work so that people don’t have to ask questions, that’s an easy sale right there.
  2. Update regularly. Adding new clothing not only puts new eyes on your new listing, but if your images are great (see rule 1 above) people will look into the rest of your closet to see what you have and you may make a sale on an older listing!
  3. Keep trying new things! I’ve had about three different “sets” for selling. I used to wear the clothes and use my SLR camera, which people appreciated it, but I could sell faster just by laying them flat and using my phone. White backgrounds work best for me, opposed to patterned paper or busier backgrounds.

What makes a great covershot? A great covershot is well-lit, minimal, and lacks distraction.

Where do you get fashion inspiration? I don’t look anywhere specific for fashion inspiration…I wear what I think would look great with other pieces in my wardrobe! I do read fashion blogs and follow models to enjoy their off-duty style on Instagram, though!

What summer trends are you loving right now? This summer, I’m in love with large floral prints and gladiator sandals! They’re a perfect pair.

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