Introducing Posh Stylist Activity

The best things in life are better when shared. The same goes for Poshmark – especially when you are recognized for your efforts! That’s why we’re excited to share our latest closet feature.

Introducing Posh Stylist Activity

Sharing is styling on Poshmark. More than simply giving visibility to amazing items, it’s a way to form friendships, show your style and help each other succeed. After all, a rising tide lifts all boats!

Starting today, we’re rolling out Posh Stylist Activity, a new way to showcase this spirit of sharing that’s at the heart of our amazing community. Not only will you see recent shares on your About page, but now you have a place to highlight the new closets that you’ve helped promote.

Show the Love & Grow Your Sales

It’s time to go big. Grow your stats (and your sales!) by showing new closets some love and share like you’ve never shared before! Mutual sharing is the key to growing your sales and spreading the love means cash comes back to you.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of the app.
  2. Find new closets. Find a list of new closets by going to your account, select My Selling Tools, and then My Closet Stats and clicking on New Closets Shared. You can also be on the lookout for new closets by checking Just In brand pages and First Look party showrooms.
  3. Share, share, share those listings!

062315_posh stylist_faq

How do I become a Posh Stylist? Sharing is styling on Poshmark. Each time you share another Posher’s item, you’re making connections and creating a curated collection of items from your point of view. All it takes to be a Stylist is to be an active sharer.

How do I find my Posh Stylist Activity? In the app, head to your closet and click About and scroll down to find recent shares and the new closets you’ve promoted. On web and mobile, you can also find your stats under My Closet Stats in your account.

How do I find new closets? Simply click the People Finder icon from your feed tab and click New Closets from the Explore category. Of course, being active in the community is a great way to find new closets. Still need help? We recommend starting your search from Just In sections of brands or in the First Look Posh Party showrooms.

Why should I share a new closet or someone else’s listing? Sharing items from new closets is a great way to make friends, expand your network, establish yourself as a Posh mentor and contribute to the amazing Poshmark community. After all, when you show love to others, especially new Poshers, the love will certainly come back.

What is considered a new closet? New closets are those that have joined Poshmark within the last 30 days. Check for their start date under their closet stats, but also check for number of followers and listings. And remember, just because they may have joined more than 30 days before, it’s always nice to show love by sharing and reaching out.

How many people can discover a new closet? The first 50 people to share a new closet will receive credit in the Posh Stylist Activity portion of their closet.

Why can’t I see any Posh Stylist Activity? Be sure that you have the latest version of the app and note that seeing stats on your About page is only currently available on mobile versions. As we roll out this feature, it may take time to fully populate some of the information. It’s also possible that the closets shared might have been started prior to the 30-day threshold or have already been shared by 50 people. At any rate, keep sharing and checking back to see your stats grow!

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10 thoughts on “Introducing Posh Stylist Activity

  1. I’ve been on Poshmark since April 2015, I have found it the easiest and most convenient for me as a seller, in all the other venues available out there.
    I’ve sold on E-Bay for years and come to find out I have WAY OVER PAID for shipping for years… what a waste. Poshmark immediately emails me a shipping label. Which in turn gets me to pack and get my buyer’s item packed and in the mail normally the same day. I look at it this way, we work hard for our money and most women want instant gratification, but mail order doesn’t work that way, if the buyer can see I am dedicated to getting them their purchase ASAP, Ill make the sale, before another person who takes 2-4 days.
    Poshmark has made that possible for me to do that. First couple days sold quite a few items and that was what helped me and the kids have a better vacation.
    I have only 1 suggestion I’d like to be able to communicate with buyer privately thru PM, specially working out buying details or maybe pricing, or problems with the sale.
    At times there is soooo much BS to go through before you can find something pertinent to the actual item your wanting the info on.
    it may look like the item is being sold but after 3 days of discussion and scrolling and scrolling it has not. I say this as a buyer and have almost found myself getting into a situation as I’ve described as a seller, but asked the buyer to please decide and id help in any way, but I would not be available to price 12 items in different bundles so she wont have to pay extra shipping. Hate to say I haven’t heard back, but would she have bought anyway??? So the private discussions would be great.
    Also how in the world do yall get the cute back grounds and fonts, id love to organize my closet all sold items on the bottom or why not take them off or archive them if necessary???
    a few of my thoughts….
    Thank you for a wonderful place to share, sell, make money, and friends.

    1. Hi A.Sharie, currently you can earn Posh Mentor status by sharing a certain level of new closets. There are no other “levels” at this time.

  2. You’ve done it again! You’ve made Poshmark an even better site to run my business. Thanks for helping me become a successful business woman! You’re always near by to answer my questions and back me up if I have a problem (and I must say, very diplomatically!). Love Poshmark and love all of you! 😘

  3. Another way Poshmark lets us pay it forward to those Posh Gals that help us promote camaraderie and true style!

  4. This is Fabulous, I love it. And Love Love Love POSHMARK, Also can y’all make it so that we can have an option to leave some money in our account? Say If we have a, $100 balance and being able to have $50 direct deposited and leave the other $50 in our accounts to shop with. Just a thought 🙂

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