#ClosetCrush: @erica_lauren

061615_closet crush_erica lauren

Let’s get summer ready with vibrant outfits and fun accessories from Erica’s closet. Her eye-pleasing wardrobe with its relaxed California vibe makes us want to ride off into the sunset. Pick out some colorful pieces from Erica’s closet to add some bright moods to your own closet!

  1. Gap Floral Top $10 (Retail $45)
  2. Forever 21 Tribal Top $10
  3. Plastic Island Cream Dress $45 (Retail $150)
  4. Beaded Bracelet $8
  5. Forever 21 Floral Top $10
  6. Beaded Tribal Earrings $8
  7. Sam Edelman Studded Lorissa Heel $60 (Retail $230)
  8. Woven Ribbon Bracelet $10 (Retail $55)

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