Posh Tip: Take Your Covershots To The Next Level

Making a good first impression is vital, especially when it comes to listings in your Poshmark closet. The covershot is the first image that users see and can often determine whether they like or buy the item or follow you. And like your first impression, you want to show potential buyers just how awesome you and your listings are.

So how do you capture this in a covershot? How do you entice users to click on a listing and look at the rest of your closet? Lucky you, we have some tips for you to take amazing and authentic covershots.

Clean and Clear

061015_posh tip_clean clear

No, we’re not talking about the facewash. A clean and clear covershot is one where the eye naturally falls on the item you are selling. You can assist potential buyer eyes by making sure that there are no competing objects in your covershots. See the difference?

Accentuate and Highlight

061015_posh tip_accentuate

Taking a clean and clear covershot doesn’t mean the exclusion of accessories. Instead, other items can help highlight its features, such as color or texture. Just remember, there is a difference between a well styled layout and one that is haphazard. You won’t want to cover up important details that make it hard to figure out the essence of the item.


061015_posh tip_background

Choosing the right background is vital to taking a great covershot. You can even use the background to help highlight the item. By choosing a complementary color, you can help an item’s color pop and help capture the item’s true color. Whereas a white background is great to highlight texture or the details of an item, as you’ve seen in the other above examples.


With these tips, you’re sure to get your item sold in no time. Have tips of your own? Share them in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Posh Tip: Take Your Covershots To The Next Level

  1. I’ve noticed that s lot of users seem to use photos from where the item was bought. Is this allowed? For example, if someone bought a dress from Macy’s, then they upload the picture from Macy’s online store as one of their photos. I feel like this is violating some form of copyright but want to be sure. I have items that I bought from sites like Twice and ThredUp where a picture of the actual item was posted by the company that I would like to use but I feel like that would not be right in doing so because I did not personally take the photo. Let me know when you get a chance!

  2. GREAT Suggestions PMHQ!!!…Clear..Well Lit..and Brightly Colored Backgrounds are a Must for the BEST Cover Shots!!!….I, along with many other Posher’s use Photo Editing Apps and Apply the Same Above Listed Guidelines while constructing Our Listings!!!..The More Attractive You Present Your Listing..the Greater Exposure You will Receive and a Multitude of Sales too!!!

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