How To Style Top Summer Hair Trends

Who is ready to dive into summer with a bold, new hairstyle? We love how these trends are an easy way to change up your look! These fresh looks will prepare you for the hot weather, while still looking chic. Plus, we’ve picked out some of our favorite pieces to wear with your new summer ‘do.

Boho Braids to Wild Waves  

060915_summer hair_braids waves

Braids are the perfect go-to look for summer. Stylishly sweep those loose hairs out of your face by tucking your hair back in a chic braid. Later in the day, if you’ve had enough of your braid or you’re getting ready for a night out, you can unravel your braids for a messy wave look! Wear these looks with a maxi dress and cute sandals.

Style this look: Maxi Dress // Heels

The “Lob”

060915_summer hair_lob

Also known as the long bob – we have seen this popular cut floating around for a little bit now. Whether you’re looking to go all out and chop off several inches or just want to try something different with your short to mid-length hair, the long bob must be your next look! Strut out in your new hair by slipping on a romper and some gladiator sandals.

Style this look: Romper // Gladiator Sandals

Wet & Slick

060915_summer hair_wet slick

If you want to be daring and try something different, break out the gel for the wet and slicked-back look. Prevent flyaways and baby hairs without worrying about overdoing it on the gel! You can let your hair down or tie it up in a bun or a pony. To step up the sleekness of this look, go for some skinny jeans and a sleeveless shirt.

Style this look: Blue Jeans // Button-Up Top

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