Posh Tip: 5 Ways to Communicate Like A Pro

Communication is key in every relationship – especially the kind we have with our friends on Poshmark. Whether you’re buying or selling, we know connecting with one another also leads to fulfilled orders and happy Poshers. Here are some of our favorite ways to successfully and efficiently communicate with each other.

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1. Leave a comment

Communication within the app is definitely the way to go. Have a question about the size or fit, shipping updates, or simply want to thank the seller or buyer for the order? Simply comment on the listing. Think your friend would love the listing or want someone else to be notified of your comment? Tag a user while leaving a comment by typing the @ symbol before their username e.g. @username and it will automatically send a notification to the user. In order to protect your privacy and enjoy full benefits of Posh Protect, we ask that you do not share personal contact information within the app.

2. Provide updates

While Poshmark provides updates throughout the sale process, it’s helpful for buyers and sellers to use comments to stay up-to-date on the process. If you’re the seller, it’s considerate to shed some light on the order status for the buyers. Don’t worry, once USPS scans the order into the tracking stream, both parties will also receive an email from us with the tracking information.

For buyers, if there is an issue like an incorrect shipping address in your order confirmation, let the seller know not to ship the item at the same time you reach out to Poshmark to request an updated label.

3. Send a shipping reminder

Sometimes the seller may need a little reminder to ship out your item. Instead of leaving a comment, did you know that you can send them a shipping reminder email?

If your order has not shipped after five days, you may send a reminder to the seller through the order page. Simply find the order under My Purchases and select Problems/Order Inquiry → Delayed Order → Send Reminder. This will automatically send a reminder email to the seller to ship your order.

4. Make an Offer

The Make An Offer feature is another way to indirectly communicate with users. Placing an offer is a quick and easy way to negotiate without having to leave a comment. This is especially useful if you don’t have any additional questions or comments about the item and you’re ready to buy. (Remember, accepted offers are binding!)

5. Leave a Love Note

This is another action that shows some love to your seller! If you’ve rated your overall shopping experience with the seller as a 5-star experience, leave a Love Note! Love Notes are a great to communicate with your seller about your shopping experience and provides additional feedback for the seller. These are also displayed on the seller’s and buyer’s profile, which helps build credibility and spread the love.

4 thoughts on “Posh Tip: 5 Ways to Communicate Like A Pro

  1. Does anyone know how to get Poshmark to reply? We have a very expensive item Lost with crazy tracking updates. I have Sent three different communications over the last few days with no response. Very frustrated!

  2. I haven’t done this yet, but I noticed that for Posh Party updates or other things, people have created posts for people to like, so that when they “lower the price,” it sends off notifications to everyone that something was updated, so that they can check back (instead of the buyer tagging each person in the post, which I’ve done… mistake).

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