Posh Tip: Photo Styling Tricks & Editing Apps You Need To Know


Want to increase your Poshmark sales or take your Instagram game to the next level? It’s all about getting the right shot. From styling a flat lay to using editing apps to make your items shine, we’re here help you make your pictures perfect.

Flat Lay Styling Tips

We’ve all seen it before: the perfectly folded clothes, the sparkly accessories, and simply styled collections have taken Instagram by storm. The flat lay is a fun and clean way to highlight the beauty of an item. Below are tips on how to master this creative layout.

  • Choose a simple and clean background. You want your clothing and accessories to be the focal point, not compete with the background.
  • Pick a theme and stick to it. The reason why the flat lay is so pleasing to the eye is because of its simplicity. Throwing random accessories into the photo will only make the picture look cluttered. Instead, try highlighting the item by choosing one or two accessories with a complementary shape, size or aesthetic.
  • Play with the composition. Arrange and rearrange the items and the space between the items until you find a composition that really sells it.

Favorite Photo Editing Apps

While it’s important to start out with a well styled, quality photo, a little editing can really take it to the next level. Keep in mind, however, that a heavy editing hand can often diminish the overall quality of the photo.

  • VSCO Cam: This free app offers several free presets is a favorite of many fashion bloggers. What are presets? Just think of Instagram filters, but of a more expert level.
  • TouchRetouch: For $1.99, this app allows  you to delete objects in your picture with ease. White mark on your white paper backdrop? Boom. Gone. This app is perfect for those who tend to over-accessorize (remember, simplicity is key to a good photograph!).
  • Pic Jointer: Let’s be honest, sometimes its hard to choose just one photo to feature. With Pic Jointer comes with tons of photo collage layouts to help show multiple angles of a flaw, tags or other important details. On Instagram or Poshmark, however, we recommend using collages sparingly as they can be hard to view on mobile. Besides, you can always create a second listing to highlight details of an item you’re selling.

Have your own tips? Share in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “Posh Tip: Photo Styling Tricks & Editing Apps You Need To Know

  1. I always try to photograph my items in the morning to capture true color the morning light seems best. I have difficulty with darker colors and trying to show detail such as glittery tops any suggestions would be appreciated thank you

  2. Good tips and thanks for the apps share! I think from what I’ve learned and come to love about some Poshers that have great photos, is that their lighting is on point. Natural light seems to work best. My window let’s in tons of lighting, but I’m kind of limited to one strong source. So I either let the light come in indirectly and flood the room with its diffused light by adjusting the shades, or let the lighte shine on the item(s) directly and place a mirror or a white board on the other side of the subjects so that the light distribution is even (less shadows). Maybe this would be less complicated if I had some nice studio equipment, but I’m sure most of the PM community are just everyday users like me. Anyway, I love Poshmark!

    1. Using a mirror or white board to evenly distribute the light is a really cool tip! Thanks! 🙂

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