Poshmark’s LIVE on Periscope!


Have you always wanted…

  • To check out what’s happening behind the scenes at PMHQ?
  • To enjoy the fun of a LIVE Posh Party from home?
  • To learn about the best items to sell on Poshmark and the hottest trends of the moment?
  • A million dollars?

If you answered yes to any of these, you need to be following Poshmark on Periscope! While we can’t promise you a million bucks, we can provide priceless info and entertainment.

Team Posh is fully embracing the live stream fun! Follow along as we broadcast from our headquarters twice a week for much needed coffee chats and happy hours. You can enjoy exclusive access to our events, tours of our office, and insider info and tips to help up your Poshmark game!

Oh, hey. We also like to dance on our streams…who doesn’t want to join in on that? #dancebreak

So download the Periscope app, and stay up to date with us on Twitter to find out when our next live stream will be. Also, we encourage you to join the conversation and tweet to us with hashtag #PoshLive!


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