Posh Loves Moms: How 3 Women Make Money & Friends with Poshmark

Continuing with our celebration of Mother’s Day, we are highlighting some moms in our community. These busy women are using Poshmark to make money, whether it’s their main source of income or a little something extra, and connect with style-minded women across the nation. How do they do it? Read on to learn how these women find time to balance being a power Posher and an amazing mother and how Poshmark helps them support their family.

Extra Income, Extra Style


Barb | @nugget_love
Kiddo: Chris, 4

How does Poshmark help support your family and your role as a mother? For several years I was a stay at home mom, so Poshmark was my only income. At that time I was able to spend much more time on the site then and made significantly more than I do now, which is okay. The extra income helped pay for many of the activities we did with our son such as classes at the YMCA, dinner dates, parks, etc. Now that I am back to work it allows me to take care of my work wardrobe by buying on Poshmark and/or redeeming earnings to shop elsewhere. This also allows for extra funds for fun things with the family.

When do you find time to Posh? When I’m working, I Posh first thing in the morning, on my break, try to get a little in as soon as I get home while my son is catching up playing with friends, and again before I go to sleep. On my days off, I Posh during some of the same times, and nap time. Whenever my son is playing and entertaining himself, I sneak in a little Poshmark. In general, I’ve mastered multi-tasking as a means to make time to Posh.

Cultivating A Career & New Friendships


Crystal | @lilmscrys
Kiddos: Jaedon, 13, Isabella and Rosea, 7

How does Poshmark help support your family and your role as a mother? When I retired from the Army, I knew I wanted to find something to supplement my retirement income but I knew seeking a new career in the Chemical field would consume me. When I found Poshmark it was the perfect fit. I have the freedom to work from home as a consultant and do my listings and shares while my girls are at school. I earn extra money and don’t have to sacrifice the quality time I have with my children.  The money I make from Poshmark has allowed me to stay home instead of going back into the civilian sector full-time. In addition to the money I’ve made on Posh, I’ve met some remarkable people and that is priceless.

When do you find time to Posh? I generally log on to Posh in the morning while my kids are still asleep while simultaneously watching CNN and drinking my morning coffee. I call it the calm before the storm, for once my girls are up its pure madness till I take them to school. The other times are throughout the day and in the evenings after 8:30 when my kids go to bed, just in time for the evening parties. I also just got my Apple Watch so now I can Posh between sets at the gym or while on the stair master or cycle. Good ideas for times to Posh are while in the carpool line, waiting to pay for groceries, and while waiting for them at the bus stop.

Full-Time Job & Full-Time Mom Balance


Suzanne | @scanon
Kiddos: Kirstan, 7 and Dalton, 3

How does Poshmark support your family and your role as a mother? Poshmark has become a full-time job for me so I spend several hours a day on the app. It’s not the typical 8-5, it’s off and on all day long. That’s one of the great things about it; I can set my own schedule to work around my family.

When do you find time to Posh? When finding time for Poshmark, choose a schedule that works for you. I like to wake up early, usually around 5am. This is the best time for me to get a head start before anyone else is up. I get my packages ready for shipping, do my ordering from wholesale vendors, post new listings, and of course share my closet and others.

Also, think ahead. I post my new additions on Friday’s, so I know I have to have my pictures taken and ready to post by Thursday. Depending on what the kids have scheduled that week, I find the time to get everything ready.

Finally, have fun. One of the best things about Poshmark is the people and the flexibility you have. Whether its more of a hobby or a full-time business, you can fit it around your family’s schedule and enjoy it.


Now it’s your turn! How do you balance your Poshmark time with your other responsibilities? Whether it’s being a mom, going to school, growing your career, or something else, we want to know how you make it work. Share your experience in the comments.


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  1. This is a great post and congrats to all of the ladies here who are able to Posh while maintaining a balance between being a mom and a provider for their families. I’m currently striving for that balance as a new Posher but this post is truly inspirational. I’m also a big fan of Suzanne’s (@scanon) closet and professionalism on Poshmark, she’s definitely one of the best.

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