Posh Tip: Shipment Checklist

042215_posh tip_shipping checklist

You’ve just made a sale on Poshmark–congrats! Now what’s next? You’ve got get that baby ready to be packaged up and sent off. Here is a helpful checklist to run through as you’re shipping off your sale to ensure a successful experience for you and a delightful experience for your buyer.

  • Clean? Make sure your item is laundered or dry cleaned and free of any odor of fragrance.
  • Lint Free? Remove any lint or hairs that may have landed on your garment. Pro tip: Don’t have a lint brush? Try rolling a loop of packing tape over the fabric to de-lint your item.
  • As Described? Take a moment to look over your garment to make sure it’s the right size and that you didn’t miss any stains, holes, or loose threads when listing your item.
  • Nicely Wrapped? Once your item is ready to send, take the time to nicely package up your item. It’s amazing what a little tissue paper and a note card can do for your ratings
  • Boxed Correctly? Make sure you’re using the right box for your sale. Hint: regular Priority Mail boxes!
  • The Right Label? Double check that you’ve printed off the correct label for your sale to avoid shipping mishaps. Ensure your label has the right weight, date, and, if you’re shipping multiple sales, name. If you need to get a new label, request one in the app!

Once you’ve checked off each step, you’re ready to schedule a pickup or drop your package off with USPS and wait for the cash to come rolling in!


4 thoughts on “Posh Tip: Shipment Checklist

  1. Hi…I’m having difficulty finding where I can reprint a label can you help…I can’t find “my acct”

  2. please list the dont’s for shipping ie…make sure there are no perfume smells and do not use red tissue paper…I have noticed that dark color tissue paper is causing staining on some items that we have received. being allergic to perfume it is aweful when someone sprays perfume on clothes and it sits in the box. as perfume warms up in shipment it is over powering. also please address deodorant marks on clothing that has been worn. this are just a few things that have been noticed on some of the items that have been purchased by my daughter. with 3 females in the house ordering from poshmark we have noticed some dos and dont’s in the orders…

  3. Hi, my name is Debra. I’m new at Poshmark and love it. My concern is that my first sale was successful, but the buyer gave me only 3 stars for rating. The pair of sandals I sold was brand new, never been worn and sold for only $6. Is this kind of rating going to make me look like a bad seller? Thank you for listening.

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