Posh Tip: Can I Sell It on Poshmark?

There’s truly nothing better than giving women across America the opportunity to sell fabulous new and pre-loved fashion in a social marketplace. That strapless dress you bought even though you don’t wear that style? List it. The bright yellow eyeshadow you purchased to be daring, but has been left untouched and unopened in your makeup box? List it.

Yet, there are some things that shouldn’t be sold on Poshmark. What are they and why can’t you list them? Consider the mystery solved.


Flammable Liquids

Did you know that it is illegal to ship perfume, nail polish and aerosols through USPS Priority Mail? All those products can start a serious fire! Even though that CHANEL N°5 that your mom gave just isn’t you, please don’t sell or include it with purchases on Poshmark. We want you looking hot, but not starting fires! So if it’s flammable, don’t ship it.

Curious about which liquids you can ship? See this guide on the USPS website.

Health & Wellness

While they may not cause fires, other non-flammable liquids and messy substances can definitely cause problems. If it can spill out and/or explode while transporting, please make sure you don’t list it. This includes all lotions, serums, shampoo/conditioner, body wash, and creams. Basically, if it can open and cause your envelope or box to get wet, don’t ship it. Plus, health and wellness items like these don’t fall under the categories of women’s fashion, accessories and makeup, so they are simply not supported.

Used Undergarments and Makeup

Safety first, in life and in fashion. Handbags and tops are great to share between friends – used makeup and undergarments, not so much. While it should go without saying, when selling things like makeup and underwear on Poshmark, make sure they’re brand new and never used. This is why we require that all makeup and underwear be brand new with the tags still attached.

For cosmetics, make sure that you don’t swatch your makeup or use any brushes you plan on selling. Those are considered used makeup! We just want to make sure that there are absolutely no health risks.

Other Unsupported Items

Inspired Items: Make sure that what you’re listing is actually what you’re selling. Please use original photos and do not list any replicas or use words such as “inspired by” and “looks like” in your descriptions as it might confuse fellow users into thinking they’re buying an authentic Louis Vuitton when they’re not. For more information on our policy on replicas and trademark infringements, check out this past Posh Tip.

Electronics: We also do not support the selling of any electronics, which includes DVDs, CDs, phones, tablets, video games, computers, curling/straightening irons, hair dryers, and anything else that includes a battery or outlet.

Home Goods: Along with that, we do not allow the selling of home goods. Unfortunately, many items, such as candles and candle holders, picture frames and wall art are not supported on our platform. Additionally, many of those items can break easily, which means that your buyer would not receive their items intact.

If you’re not sure if you can list it, you can definitely reach out to our team at support@poshmark.com and we’d be happy to help you figure it out or answer any questions you may have.

22 thoughts on “Posh Tip: Can I Sell It on Poshmark?

  1. Hi there,
    I was looking for some guidance on what is permitted and not permitted when it comes to cosmetics. I have some items from brands like Clinique or Lancome (Mascara, Lipstick,Eyeshadow, etc), they are new, never opened, but do not come sealed or in original packaging because they were part of a set. A suggested user recently told me these were unsupported items, so I have removed them. My goal is to be selling according to Poshmark rules so I may qualify for Host Picks, and at some point a Suggested User myself.
    Can use please clarify the guidelines for selling cosmetics on Poshmark?

    Thank You,

  2. Any suggested apps that are a “postmark for guys”? My husband is even more of a fashionista than I am and has thousands of dollars of name brand clothing and shoes that he NEVER wears! He was going to create a postmark closet but didn’t want to be a rule breaker!

    1. Hi Mindy, I feel for your hubby since Poshmark is currently for women, but please know that as a Posher for a year now, I have such respect for you and your husband for being so honest and not breaking the rules. So many Poshers are selling items that are not supported (electronics, men’s clothes, books, DVD’s, knick-knacks and baby clothes and toys. It’s not fair to those of us who follow the rules. I wish Poshmark had a better filter in place to rid this rule breakers. In the meantime, you may want to check out https://www.grailed.com/.

      Best of luck to your and your fashionable hubby!

  3. Hi PM! I think it would be nice if in the shop section there would be a listing for (ISO), I see a lot of Poshers looking for various items. It would be nice to be able to see what others are searching for all in one listing!

  4. I just want to clear something up — I know that nail polish is not allowed, even though loads of people are selling it. There is a girl I came across that is selling nail wraps. There are people giving her a very hard time saying that it is nail polish and against posh rules. I went on several websites and nail wraps are considered a cosmetic. So, in my opinion, it is ok to sell it because they are NWT and they are not liquid. Am I correct in thinking that?

      1. I’m more than a little curious why PM provided a lengthy list of “what we don’t allow on PM” up above . . . and then failed to respond to posts that pointed out that these rules are regularly violated?

      2. Hi James, we do our best to keep up with all the comments, but must have missed these. Our support team works hard to be vigilant in monitoring the thousands of listings that are posted each day. It’s very helpful when our community takes advantage of our “report” feature on listings as well.

  5. I have to agree with Laurentrue61! While I realize that Poshmark has millions of Closets, I find it unfair and wrong that so many, and I do mean many Poshers are selling laptops, cell phones, cell phone cases, flattening irons, curling irons, toys, DVD’s, books, kids, men’s and baby clothes. In addition, I regularly see Poshers pitching their home businesses like Avon, Mary Kay, Pampered Chef and also selling cookware, bakeware, coffee, food items, etc. I also see some Poshers listing items falsely with the “Not For Sale” banner, yet, if you drill down into their comments, they are conducting business in non-supported ways. Why is there not a filter in place that immediately tags the item listed and rejects it? I think adding this to the technology would flush out many of the Listers who are deliberately bucking the system. They know it, but just because others are doing it, they find it okay to do themselves, thus no integrity.

    On a positive note, I will say that I’ve met some lovely women on Poshmark who are like minded and all about following the rules and making a little money. As I’ve said before, I’m not competing with anyone, I want us all to make it. I find Poshmark a fabulous and fun way to sell items that we buy, but don’t wear or items we no longer want to wear, but would rather share.

    Lastly, like Laurentrue61, I would love to explore online opportunities with Poshmark if they are available. I would love to be a Closet Monitor on the site to ensure that all items are supported. I’ve recently had the great opportunity of having a few ladies like my closet, only to have them share my listings and then promote my closet for a “Host Pick” and, they’ve mentioned that I follow all Posh rules. This is what Poshmark is all about in my opinion.

    Thanks for the opportunity to provide my feedback.

    Renee B

    1. I agree whole harted with you. I have been Poshing for 4-12-2013. I have seen refrigerators stoves leap pad items. It’s not fair for the rule breakers to have a garage sale on a platform that’s so fabulous. The serious sellers can’t list a Harley Davidson new in the box but can list a cooking stove. I reported it over 25 times and it stayed on there for approximately month. But a true posher following the rules is losing money because they are following the rules. Please Poshmark if rules are going to be enforced don’t take so long. Vinted rejects listing immediately and I fell you can too. You stopped paypal. Another thing you all are losing a ton of money on these trades. You take my 20% why when a woman trade a 1200.00 handbags you get nothing because they are using PoshMark great postal negotiations to let us ship 5lbs for 4.99 in which no platform that I know of have that great shipping rate. Please Poshmark enforce the rules at a quicker rate. Let’s make Poshmark a household name. Ebay is and so can Poshmark.
      If you need policeman at a cheap rate. It easy hire as referrals no TAXES NO FICA NO MEDICAL. PAY PER ITEM REPORTED .20 and pay with Poshmark credit to spend on the site. I bet you 1 million you will get this site cleaned up in no time. Like a refer fee. Pick one person per state to review the reports of reported listing only pay that person a salary. It’s easy 123

  6. Hi Poshmark! I just read on your blog that PM is only for womans fashions, and not for mens or kids fashions! Now I have been a Posher for about 2 years and have seen many, many kids items on PM! I don’t have an issue with it, but I do like to follow the rules! I have seen where those many items have sold! All I am saying is either allow it it or stop those who are selling them! I don’t feel it’s fair, if others are trying to follow the rules. I myself am not going to tattle anyone individual unless I’m being paid! So it’s not for us to be asked to police others! I myself have had to make changes to my closet upon reading your guidelines! These are your exact words! “Children’s and Men’s Fashion: Although you may have many children’s and men’s clothing that you’d love to sell, Poshmark is currently only a place for women’s fashion and accessories” . Also may I add that I have seen used cologne, what looks like worn bras and mens fashions, ie…tennis shoes, pants, malebags, etc.! Now if you’d like to add me to your payroll, I’m always looking for work! IJS!

    1. That definitely sounds like a job in itself (regulation). That’s one issue I’ve had with PM. It’s so concentrated with items that are not permitted to be sold that a lot of the good items get lost in all of it.

    2. Hi Laurentrue61, thanks for the feedback. We do our best to monitor the thousands of items that are listed each day. We love it when our community takes advantage of the reporting feature as well. Much of the listing of the unsupported items is because the seller simply isn’t aware of the rules. Posts like these and help from the community help to spread the word about our policies.

  7. Thank you,thank you, thank you, for reiterating these rules.putting in my closet as listing! Thank you, again.

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