Closet Clear-Out Is On!

Closet Clear Out Week 2a

Back by popular demand, it’s Closet Clear-Out time! Because who doesn’t like to score major deals and make sales like whoa? This time, you have to act quickly. From now through tomorrow, March 31, join the movement that will help you clear out your closet and fill your wallet at the same time.

Those Nike Roshe sneakers and Michael Kors watch you have been coveting? Make them yours or someone else will. Shop the “Just In” section of your favorite brands and “like” away to ensure you’re notified when the item drops in price!

But that’s not all.

To sweeten the deals even more, Poshmark is guaranteeing hour-long shipping discounts on ALL items that have their prices dropped by 10% or more! (Minimum final price must be $10 to qualify.)

So how do you get in on the Closet Clear-Out action?

  1. Head to your Posh closet and drop the price of your items by at least 10% of the lowest historical price
  2. Be sure to “like” items in order to be notified of a dropped price
  3. Act fast when the price drops to take advantage of the hour-long shipping discount!

Happy Poshing!

110114_closet clear out_faqs

What are Price Drop Notifications? For a full run-down of one of our newest features, click here.

How often will Poshmark send Price Drop Notifications during Closet Clear-Out Week? We will send a notification for every price drop where the new listing price is at least 10% lower than the lowest historical price. This means that during Closet Clear-Out time, you can lower prices multiple times on the same listing and still have notifications sent. You can also tag those who liked the item in a comment to alert them of the dropped price and shipping discount.

Is it required to drop my prices? While we’re encouraging everyone to participate, it is not mandatory for sellers to change their prices during this promotion.

How can I know if my notifications are on? In the app, click on your closet tab and scroll to find “Notifications.” Turn on the “Party Invite” setting to get notified through a push and turn on “Price Drops” setting to get notified through an email.

How long are the shipping discounts valid? Discounts on specific listings are valid for one hour after the seller has reduced the price by 10% or more. Poshmark is only guaranteeing these discounts on ALL price reductions with minimum final price of $10+ through March 31. Starting April 1, the shipping discounts on Price Drops will go back to being offered at random.

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    1. Hi Samantha, Yes, to be notified of a Price Drop to your email and push notification, you will need to like the item before the price is dropped. You can also search recently dropped priced items by brand. Simply go to the Shop tab, search for a brand and find All, Just In, and Price Drop.

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