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Happy Monday! The Posh Party Line-Up is updated and we’re ready for another full week of shopping parties! You won’t want to miss out on Poshing along with the ever-stylish Kate of Wear in LA, Josie, and Alex of Stylelista Confessions. Join us in the app at 7pm PST to shop their Host Picks – it’s like having your own personal stylist!

Festival Style Party, Tuesday, March 24

032315_pp preview_wearinla

Kate | @wearinla

What can we expect to see shared to the Host Picks Showroom? Spending a weekend out with the girls listening to the hottest bands play all day under the summer sun can be the perfect recipe for unforgettable memories…that is if you don’t forget any of these stylish essentials:

Backpacks: Let’s face it, running around the music festival grounds can become a big deal if you’re toting around your whole life in a tote bag! Instead of suffering from the “sorry I only have one hand available because of this monster of a purse I carry around”-syndrome, invest in a cute little backpack that can easily hold everything you need and more while also staying out of the way of all your fun! With plenty of styles to choose from, you can bet you’ll find one that matches your outfits perfectly!
Kimono: Any festival girl knows that when the sun is out, you’re gonna get burned…and when the sun goes down, it might get a little chilly out! Solve two problems in one by wearing your favorite tribal printed kimono all day long. They’re light weight, over coverage from the sun, keep the chill at bay by night, oh and did I mention they’re absolutely adorable?

What are your favorite festival style pieces/trends? I am so in love with the boho chic look of crocheted pieces that make a subtle statement when paired with denim and ankle booties. It’s also hard not to be in love with oversized sunglasses and floppy felt hats – there’s just so many cute looks that it’s hard to choose just one! If I had to choose, I would definitely say that the fringe detail trend is my favorite. It’s also really easy to wear too – just add a tasseled or fringed purse to your outfit and viola you’re boho chic!

Give us a sneak peek of what you’ll be sharing!

  1. Floral and Leather Canvas Backpack
  2. Flower Crown
  3. Crochet Tassle Shorts and Crop Top Set
  4. Rebecca Minkoff La Roux Ankle Wrap Booties

Fearless Fashion Party, Thursday, March 26

032315_pp preview_stylista

Alex | @stylelista

What can we expect to see shared to the Host Picks Showroom? You can definitely expect to see lots of “WOW” pieces being shared. I love things that push the envelope so I will definitely be sharing pieces that really fit that idea!

What are your favorite fearless fashion pieces/trends? I love things that make people and stop and say “OMG” Fashion is about being fearless or as I like to call it  “A Fearless Stylelista” anything with crazy out there prints or a blazer with spiked shoulders or a fringed boho cardigan!

Give us a sneak peek of what you’ll be sharing!

  1. White Tulle Skirt
  2. For Love and Lemons Dress
  3. Lace Maxi Kimono
  4. Fendi Heels

3 thoughts on “Posh Party Preview

  1. The tulle skirts have been highlighted for almost 7 months now; time to let them rest a bit. Additionally, if I see another pair of nipples in a Host Pick, I will leave Poshmark. Sometimes, our parties look like they are streaming from the Playboy Mansion. A sad reflection on our application and our Respect for Women.

  2. Hi Poshmark team, how are you guys? My question is, when sharing to a Posh Party why don’t you/I don’t see my items shared in the party? I shop the parties but don’t see what I’ve shared! Thanks team (in advance) for your reply !

    1. @Laurentrue61…… unless you are one of the Hostess For the Party, your shares go to the Main Feed. Only the Hostesses and Poshmark Staff can post directly to the nightly parties. During the daytime; you can see your shares to those smaller parties. Remember, there are thousands sharing, so you may have to scroll awhile to find your shares. Hoping this helps. Also, refer to @official_forum for other great Q&A’s about how Poshmark works, or how the parties work, etc. Lots of good info, there. Or send an email to PoshmarkSupport for personalized questions. Happy Poshing!!!!

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