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Poshmark has changed the shopping game. It’s all about buying, selling and sharing the best in women’s fashion – and making connections with women across America along the way. We’re here for you with features to make it a fun, easy and safe way to make sales and find deals.

But what happens if something doesn’t go quite right? Mistakes happen and questions arise and we’re here for you with an all-star support team that is happy to assist you. Yet, chances are, the answers you seek are simply a click away. We’ve collected some of our most helpful links and tips below to get you the help you need.


Poshmark 101: Our most popular resources
Whether you’re new to Poshmark or simply want a refresher, these are our most commonly referenced resources. A quick read through these will likely answer any simple question regarding how Poshmark and our features work.

The order process and how to report an issue
Many of our inquiries are related to the stages of an order. While it is simple, a lot happens from the time someone clicks “Buy Now” and receives the item. Here’s the basic run-down of the order process and what each step means:

  • In process – The order has not yet shipped and the seller is probably packaging it up in preparation for shipping.
  • Shipped – The order has shipped you can track the package from within the app! Simply go to the order page and click “Status: Shipped.”
  • Pending Acceptance – The item has been delivered and is currently awaiting acceptance from the buyer. The buyer has three days from delivery to accept the order.
  • Delivered – The order is complete and the funds have been released to the seller.
  • Cancelled – Order has been cancelled and a full refund has been issued to the buyer. Find refund details on the order page under Problems/Order Inquiry > Refund Not Received.  

Have a problem with an order? Go to the order page and click on “Problems/Order Inquiry” before reaching out to support. If the options provided do not address your issue, you can reach our support team directly by clicking the “Contact Poshmark Support” link on that page.

Provide all relevant information to Support
The quickest way to get your issue resolved is to make sure that you provide us with all relevant info to eliminate unnecessary back and forth dialogue. When writing in, follow this checklist:

Not seeing emails from Poshmark? Check your spam folder
Can’t find your label? Looking for a response from an email you sent almost a week ago? Check your spam folder before reaching back out to us! Add the following emails to your contact list to ensure our emails make it through to you: support@poshmark.com and orders@poshmark.com.

Refrain from sending multiple emails
Please note that emailing Support once is sufficient and that emailing multiple times actually causes a delay in response time because we respond to emails in the order that they were received. When additional emails are sent, your email is pushed down to the bottom of the pile.

Reaching out on social doesn’t expedite your claim
Please note our social media team does not have access to account/order information, and reaching out to Poshmark via social media will not expedite your claim. The quickest way to get assistance is reaching out to our support team through the Poshmark Support Center  directly.


88 thoughts on “Posh Tip: Help Us Help You

  1. Hi I have been trying to buy stuff for the pass 2,day but my payment can go thru I used different card still the same problem what do I do?

  2. Hi! I’ve noticed that when I post a new item, sometimes it doesn’t show up under the brand. For instance, I just posted an Abercrombie & Fitch sweater that I can see under “Abercrombie & Fitch” but I also posted a Juicy Couture shirt, which doesn’t show up under the Juicy Couture brand when I search under that brand. Any advice? I feel like I’m losing a ton of visibility that way with some of my listings!

  3. I notice that y’all don’t check what gets posted to buy/sell. There needs to be a report button for posts. There have been PLENTY of electronics-based items for sale on Poshmark & I read that it is against policy. I have already reported a girl who has a post selling 3 of her pet cats. When is there going to be a report button?

  4. I got approved for a shipping label to return an item with a problem. Poshmark says I have 48 hours and to ship by SUNDAY. My post office is not open on Sunday to be able to ship it out tomorrow. And they closed early today so I did not get to do it today. Would I have Monday to ship it?? I don’t want denied the refund for something out of my control. The support team isn’t replying fast enough for me to avoid running out of time.

  5. How do I bundle? I want to sell some items 2 for $15. What is that %. I can’t figure it out.

    1. Hi Danielle, Our bundle feature allows buyers to purchase multiple items in your closet and sellers can set a seller discount. The buyer would need to initiate a bundle. For more information, see this post: blog.poshmark.com/2015/07/02/app-update-introducing-the-bundle-feature/

    1. Hi Francine, the best way to communicate with another Posher is via the comment section of a listing. You can tag them to ensure they see it, by adding @ in front of their username, like @username.

  6. I purchased my first item and there was a problem with it. I followed guidelines and they opened a case. Do I Still mark “accept item?”

  7. I received an email that said my money that I got from selling an item was on poshmark. I don’t want that. I want a check for it. How do I make that happen?

  8. Hi.. What happens if I ship on the 7th day and the buyer cancels before the package is accepted by the post office?


    1. Hi Leah, it is possible for orders to be cancelled before the tracking was updated in USPS. On behalf of USPS, we apologize for any inconvenience! Rest assured, you will either get your funds or your item back. Please reach out to support@poshmark.com for further assistance. Thanks!

  9. Hi i sold a item and the buyer camcelled about same time i mailed it she has since recieved her package so how do i go about getting my momey i did a new listing but it says waiting to be scanned 0lease help so i can recieve my payment

    1. Hi Angela, It sounds like the order was cancelled before the tracking was updated in USPS. On behalf of USPS, we apologize for the inconvenience! Rest assured, you will either get your funds or your item back. Please reach out to support@poshmark.com for further assistance. Thanks!

  10. I made my first order the other day and I must have had a typo in my email address because I haven’t received a confirmation of my order and I had to sign up again in order to login. I really needed to communicate with the seller because the listing said i have a large and a small. I really need them to send the large but now that I’ve signed in under my new login the listing isn’t up! I know the order went through because my ban account shows the charge. I’ve emailed support but now that it’s critical that I get some direction I haven’t gotten a response. I’d like to avoid having an incorrect size shipped to me. Is there any way to find out about my order if the email address is incorrect?

  11. hi (: I’ve been waiting 2-3 days for the money that I’ve earned be deposited in my bank account :/ I’m not sure how long it’s going to take. It still says its in process.

  12. What does this mean? I’m trying to purchase an item but it will not let me. I have money on my card but it will not let me buy it.. Its saying its having difficulty …

  13. I put in the wrong account number when doing the direct deposit option with my balance.. How do I fix it? It’s said “pending” on my payment transfer for 2 weeks

    1. Yes, you can create a listing that says “looking for” with photos of the item. Make sure to mark the item as not for sale.

  14. Hi,

    I am new to poshmark and my first purchase on it has become today’s struggle. I used 2 credit cards but I always get an error saying “Invalid billing address zip” . I know I have provided the correct details but it just isn’t accepting. Also the person I am trying to buy has lowered the price for me. I hope I don’t loose on the $0.99 shipping. So could you please look into this issue ASAP.


  15. Does Poshmark have any plans on working with the developers to offer selling (or AT LEAST editing on desktop)? I love Poshmark and just started selling but I hate working on phones and it’s enough to make me bail.

    Also, if there is anyway to axe the whole “lowest historical price” term when offering price drops I would love Poshmark even more. I feel like those really help sales and if I already went as low as $10 and can’t go lower becuase of the “historical” policy then I am screwed on that entire item. (Which is the way my whole closet is at the moment)

    1. Hi Cami, we do not condone the resale of used undergarments or swimwear, and therefore require tags on these items to prove they are brand new.

  16. I highly suggest that the Poshmark should provide option for the sellers to rate their buyers so some seller can avoid irreasonable buyer or scammers. This also can help to protect the seller’s benefits, due to others’ case and my own case I have come across on Poshmark.


  17. Hi P. M.! Is there anyway to delete comments left by either me or other Poshers? Sometimes people’s comments can become very annoying. I had a Posher who wanted to bundle and I did, then gave a $25.00 discount. She wanted me to take off $10.00 more, I was like “Really”? I felt insulted and told her, if I did that, I’d be giving it to her for free! Anyway it didn’t go through because she couldn’t get the discount she wanted and I want it off my item without loosing those who liked the items! Is it possible to delete the conversation? Thank you!

  18. Hi There, I received an item that was not as described, Poshmark send me the approbation for return the item, but they give me 48 hours to send. The problem is they send me the label on Saturday at night, like you know Sunday the post office is closed and Monday is holiday, now what can I do?

      1. So how does this affect me the buyer ? Will I get my order ?

        Sent from my iPhone


  19. Hi there I need immediate response please from posh support regarding updated shipping label. Need new label.

    1. Hi Liz, Thanks for reaching out! Please email support@poshmark.com for further assistance. If you have already done so, please allow them 24-48 hours to get back to you, as they have been working around the clock to address inquiries as quickly as possible. Thanks for your patience! If you need to adjust the label for weight, see here: https://poshmark.com/posh_guide/how_to_get_overweight_shipping_label. If you can’t locate the email with the shipping label attached, you can download another one in the app under the item in My Sales.

  20. Just noticed on my bank account there is a pretty big “recurring payment” that was posted to Poshmark. What is this payment? Now I guess I need to go back and check to see what others are there. I don’t think I even made that amount of $ last month, yet there is that payment taken from my account.

  21. I recieved an item that was not as described; I’ve sent in a return request with the website, however there are many issues with the item that wasn’t listed by the seller, I couldn’t upload all photo proof to one return request; am I allowed to email post support with the transaction number, the request number and all the photos of the item in question?
    I’m very disappointed…

  22. Hi,
    Has anyone ever experienced issues uploading pictures from your phone? Not pictures you take using the app but pictures from your phone in your gallery. I spent hours the other day having my phone, on a timer, take tons of pics of me modeling the clothes I want to put up and every time I go to upload them the app flips them upside down. It is so frustrating. I’ve tried so many things to fix it but nothing. Any suggestions/help. Thank you.

      1. I’ve been trying to get an answer as well to my problem. I cannot upload from my phone and want to use the collection in my iPhoto from my computer. How can I do that? I just spent HOURS taking pictures and now they are not on my phone but on my computer?!!! help!!!

    1. Did they ever fix this for you or did you get an answer? I am having the same issue and I am ready to pull my hair out.

      1. Yes, I am trying to upload my photos from my app on my phone and it’s doing this. I placed a support ticket but haven’t heard back yet.

    2. Yes, I had this problem recently. What I did was go to the original image on my phone, crop it to a square (Poshmark only shows pics in a square anyway), and save the cropped image. Also, to address the problem of not being able to access your photos, tap Sell, tap the folder icon, and in the Open From dropdown select Gallery. I originally was selecting recent, but only the last image I took was showing up. Forget Recent and go right to Gallery and all your photos will be there for upload. Hope that helps, I was geting really frustrated too until I figured that out.

  23. Quick question, has anyone ever got scammed while bundling products? I have this buyer who bought several items but stated she didn’t get two of the larger necklaces. It’s peculiar because I specifically shipped it in a box to protect the necklaces and the two other items she did receive were small pieces. I don’t want to accuse anyone, but has this happened to anyone before doing bundles? This makes me caution allowing bundling. I am concerned that I am going to loose product and the money for it….curious.

    1. I’m new to poshmark but have been a long time online seller of many years. In my own selling experience, you will run into a few bad apples occasionally who try to scam you. It doesn’t happen very often. But sadly it can happen. To protect yourself, It’s always best to mail more expensive items individually, so each item has its own postal tracking number for proof of delivery. The con of doing it that way is you may lose a buyer who may not want to pay for multiple shipping labels. If you are a reputable seller with a long history of being honest, you may be able to dispute it. Best of luck to you!

    2. Ps. Just a thought… Next time take a photo of the bundled items in the box with the postage label showing the buyers name laying near the items ready to ship, before you tape up the box and send. Keep the photo for 30 days (or whatever Poshmarks grace period for a return is)

  24. Hi!

    How long does it take to get a response from the support team?

    I sent a package on Feb 28th but the buyer never picked it up from the post office and it was never returned to me. What do I do? I sent an email to support but received no response.



    1. I have this same issue. I sent my pkg out to what appears to be a false address and it can not be delivered. A signature was required. It’s been two weeks and no return pkg. what can I expect? I delivered a Burberry bag!?!? Advice is appreciated. Thx☺️

  25. I emailed support@poshmark.com but I have yet to receive a reply. It has been four days and I have yet to receive my money from the seller. That is why I have had to reach out to social media for help because no on has yet replied to me about this issue.

    1. Hi Sharon, thank you for your patience and someone will reach out to you ASAP. Please be sure you check your spam folder and refrain from emailing multiple times.

    2. I’ve sent several e mails to posh support, have sold a beautiful mink coat , that I loved, several other items, have orders to ship, and am afraid to ship….. I have over 200$ that has been ” in process” for over 5,days now. Seriously considering closing my closet down. They are quick to respond, if it’s a buyer having an issue trying to buy an item, I’ve been on posh since 2013, am a suggested user. I’m blown away.. Not even getting their instant automated messages, that you can’t reply to. Not feeling the Posh love like I used to. At all.
      Did you ever get paid Sharon?
      Don’t want to leave Posh , this is very disturbing to me however.

  26. Hi my nae is lisa
    I try to buy in poshmark but when i click buy it shows need to veryfy my account pls. help always buying stuff here and first time happen

  27. hello my name is samantha olvera and i have a postmark account called g@glitteryhearts i recently tried connecting my account bale to my bank card..
    i just notice after 3 days that i put the wrong bank account number wrong how do i go back and change it?

      1. Poshmark – I see all my items I have posted to see but none have the “buy it now” or “offer” buttons. How do I make my items/links active with payment options? Penny

      2. Hi Penny, not to worry, your items are all for sale and these features are visible by everyone else. You are unable to see them on your closet because you can’t buy your own items.

  28. I enjoy shopping @ Poshmark.com, I love the selection of shoes since I am a shoeaholic! But I know that a lot of these items are second hand, but I feel it’s in poor taste to offer shoes that have toe prints embedded into the shoes! I am searching out sandles for the Summer and saw some that had toe prints. To me it’s not a good thing and just not hygienic! So let’s try and offer each other what’s clean and looks healthy! I think it’s the right thing to do!

    1. @laurentrue61, AMEN! I couldn’t agree with you more. I thought I was the ” ONLY ONE” who felt this way. I think it’s extremely tacky to list shoes w toe imprints as well “big gouges & heavy scratches” even if it’s in the description! And while that subject also clothing items with stains, rips and/holes. I would never post an item in that condition let alone want to purchase it. Thanx for bringing attention to a subject that is to US AT LEAST worth examining.

  29. Have been trying to buy items but seller dose not seem to be active??
    Is there any other way to reach sellers or do they just sell when they want?
    Have been looking for a brown vest light size 2x if any one has for sale please let me no.
    Why it is so hard to get measurements for items would be much easier to just post details, then would not have to ask & wait to buy item. Just a thought some do & some sellers do not.
    Thank you for your time,Sally

    1. Hi Sally, it’s always helpful to comment on a listing to see if the seller is active or not. They would love to know that someone is interested in their item!

    2. I am having the same issue I would like to buy a purse but I can not tell if the seller is active. I sent a post to them, no response and I made an offer, no response. It looks like they last updated their page in October. I don’t want to click buy it now and have the hassle of waiting for a refund if seller is not active? Is there a way to see if they are active and selling? I belong to another similar site and that site advises last time the seller signed in and average response time. I find this to be very helpful.

      1. Click on there name then click there picture and it will tell you last active time.

    3. I have had the same situation with three different sellers and yes they are active and makes me not trust in this site as well. I feel there should be some kind of control on this issue . I have recommended this site to many people but will no longer do so ! I know that the money is refunded but it shouldnt have to be refunded when you did a legit order or so I thought !

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