Posh Q&A: Gettin’ Blingy With @tanyakara

Accessories are a girl’s best friend, right? Right. There’s nothing we love more than finishing our look off with the perfect pair of earrings, fierce handbag or stack of rings.

One gal who knows her accessory game? Jewelry entrepreneur and Posh rockstar Tanya Kara. This business owner and Posher has mad style game as seen on her blog, Insta, and of course in her closet. She’s on fire!

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Want to know how Tanya got started in the industry? She’s sharing advice, her guiltiest accessory obsessions and more just for you, our fab readers. Plus, don’t miss out on your chance to shop with her at tonight’s “Laid Back Glam” Posh Party!

Read on to learn more about how Tanya got started in the industry, advice for new Poshers and her guiltiest accessory obsessions.

How did you get into the fashion industry? I first entered the fashion industry as a young child, thanks to my parents who were jewelers in Los Angeles. My father in particular had great success in the fashion industry designing jewelry for countless celebrities, including rapper Tupac Shakur. As I got older, I eventually started my own jewelry company, Tanya Kara Jewelry. I loved that I could inspire women all over the world by providing jewelry that inspired them with motivational quotes and made them feel beautiful and happy!

What made you take your business to the next level and join Poshmark?  As a business owner, when I discovered the Poshmark app, joining was a NO BRAINER! People don’t really realize how much marketing costs, how much time it costs to create a shipping label and how much effort it takes to create a professional online platform to sell items. The amazing thing is Poshmark does all of that for me as a seller which made it a no brainer to join Poshmark! An as an added bonus, the Poshmark community is filled with such amazing, friendly people. I love it!

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Any advice for getting started on Poshmark? You’ve had great success thus far in only a few short months! Aw, thanks! The advice I would give new Poshers is to treat your closet as your “brand.” This is your chance to make your closet like your own personal store! Post cute pictures and don’t be afraid to get creative. If your pictures are super cute, good quality and unique, people will always want to come back and visit your closet, resulting in you helping people fulfill their fashion needs!

If you could only wear one piece of jewelry for the rest of your life, what would it be and why? That’s a hard one! If I could wear only one piece of jewelry I would wear a bracelet with a motivational quote on it to remind myself to stay positive. For example, I have this really awesome bracelet that I wear almost everyday that says “Don’t be afraid, keep going!” It reminds me to always keep pushing and pursue my dreams no matter what.

031715_posh qa_tanya kara watch

Gold or silver? Gold! I LOVE gold!

Where do you find style inspiration? I find style inspiration all around me! I’m always looking at what bloggers are wearing, what’s in the magazines, what are the latest and hottest trends online, etc. The fun part is taking all the style inspiration and creating a style of my own.

What spring trends are you looking forward to?  I really look forward to collar necklaces. They are so cute and chic. I especially love the plain gold collar necklaces. I also look forward to colorful BRIGHT jewelry for the spring. I love that you can be wearing a plain outfit and as soon as you put on a bright colored necklace your outfit is completely transformed. Oh, how I love Spring!

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