Posh Tip: How To Get Paid Selling On Poshmark

There comes a day in a woman’s life when you realize the items in your closet could earn you money! Money to spend on amazing things…like more things to put in your closet.

Seriously though, now that you’ve found Poshmark, the largest destination for buying and selling fashion and accessories, let’s get you on track to earning some major cash. Read on for the full rundown on how the Poshmark selling process works.

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Create a listing in your closet

You can’t make money without selling items! Once you’ve looked over what you are able to sell on Poshmark, use the app to create a listing. Each of your listings automatically comes with the option to “Buy Now” and a “Make An Offer.” Note that you won’t see these buttons on your own listings since you can’t buy your own items. Rest assured, everyone else can. Make sure your items are seen and share, share, share within the app and to your social networks.

Made a sale? First things first…

You’ve made your very first sale? Congrats! Now it’s time to get the item to your buyer. Our system will automatically send you a shipping label for you to print, just ensure that your profile information is complete. If you didn’t get the label or can’t find the email, that’s no problem. You can download it directly from the app or the web.

Sold Details

web order status

Carefully package your item in the correct box

Now that you’ve made a sale and located your shipping label, you’ll have to package your item. make sure that you package your item with care. You want to make sure that it gets to the buyer in pristine condition.

It’s important that you take the proper steps to avoid any shipping mishaps. Poshmark sends all packages through USPS Priority Mail, so make sure you a Priority Mail box or envelope or another sturdy box you might have around the house. Just be sure you don’t get a USPS box that says “Flat Rate” on it, as it’s a separate class of mail than just Priority Mail. Using a Flat Rate box could cause delays and your buyer might not receive the package. Pro tip: you can order the correct boxes directly from USPS.com for free!

Ship your item to the buyer

Now that you have your package ready to go, securely tape the shipping label to the box and either take it to your local US Post Office or have your postal carrier pick it up right from your house. Once the USPS has received the package, it is scanned into our system. It’s that easy!

Get paid when the item is accepted

Once the buyer receives your package and has accepted the item, your earnings will be automatically deposited into your Poshmark account. Buyers have up to three days to accept the item and after that, the funds are automatically released to you, the seller.

Note that Poshmark takes a commission for each sale, which is used to ensure credit card safety and provide support from Poshmark to help create a fun, safe and ever-improving platform for our Poshers. For every sale over $15 that is made, you keep 80% of your sale. For any order under $15, there is a flat commision fee of $2.95. When you list an item, we make sure you know exactly what you’re making. Just check out the “My Earnings” section on the listing and you can see how much you will make for that sale price.

Your Earnings

Spend or save your earnings

Your purchase is complete and there’s money to spend. Woohoo! You can keep your earnings as credit in your Poshmark account and spend it within the app. Or if you’d prefer to have your earnings as cash, you can either set up direct deposit to your bank or have a check sent to you. On the app, you can simply go to My Account and choose My Balance. From there, you will be able to see your Posh Credit, Redemption Amount, and your Pending Amount. Just click on Redemption Amount and let us know if you’d like a direct deposit (which takes 2 to 3 business days) or a check (which takes 8 to 10 business days).

Need help?

Whether you missed a step or have a question about a particular transaction, be sure to reach out to support@poshmark.com so someone can work with you directly.

34 thoughts on “Posh Tip: How To Get Paid Selling On Poshmark

  1. I am still setting up, my question is whether I can handprint the usps label when they arrive for pick up to ship..my printer is broken.

    1. Hi Noel, please don’t hand print the label as it will not be sufficient. Please print from a copy store or even a local library. Thanks!

    1. Hi Carlee, yes you can still purchase items with a credit card even if you haven’t earned credit from selling. Many of our dedicated Poshers get started by buying first and then become sellers later on.

  2. Hi! How do I change my credit/debit information if I’m putting in an “offer” on an item. It only let’s me change on “buy it now” Thank you!

  3. I have a question! I saw somewhere on here in reading the rules and such that I have to have a pay pal account. Our pay pal account is in my husbands name is that ok? If not then I will have to cancel selling on here because I will not deal with them as I had a hugh problem with them in the past!????

  4. I want my funds I have received in my balance to go into my credits- not to have them transferred into my bank account as usual. How do I put funds from my balance into my credits?? Thanks!

  5. Which way is safer for me to receive my money, through a direct deposit or a check? Also if the check gets lost in the mail, will I still get my earnings?

  6. I sold my first item in May but I felt like I gave it away for free because I still haven’t received my check. Why haven’t I received my check yet?

  7. Why is the earning price cheaper than my listing price? Do i get the earning price or the listing price?

    1. Hi Kayla, you can go through the same checkout process and your credit will automatically be applied to your purchase. Anything it doesn’t cover will be charged to your account that’s on file.

  8. Hey, I have read a few reviews about people not receiving their direct deposit money.
    I was wondering how long it will take for me to receive mine or will I truly get my money via direct deposit?

    1. Hi Morgan, you should receive the direct deposit within two business days of your request. In the event of a delay, our support team will be happy to assist you to assure you receive your earnings.

  9. How long would it take to have your earnings go through a check when you sell something on poshmark?

  10. My poshmark says the money order is complete but I don’t see the money in my bank account..

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