Posh Tip: 5 Insider Tricks You Need to Know

You have mastered Make An Offer. You ship packages like a pro. You may have even earned a coveted Host Pick or two. But do you know these nifty tricks? Whether you’re a veteran or a certified newbie, we’re here to share some lesser-known info to make sure you’re at the peak of your Posh game.

1. Print Labels From Your PC

Did you know that you can print your shipping labels directly from the website? No more digging through your emails to locate a shipping label! Now you can simply click on your username at the upper right hand corner of your screen, select “Orders,” and go to your sales to locate your label.

2. Make Your Closet Go Viral

If you’re like us here at PMHQ, you’re addicted to Pinterest (DIY, anyone?). Bring more eyes to your closet when you share your listings to this popular social platform. Click the share icon on your listing or your closetand simply choose “Pinterest.”Extra tip: The better your Covershots, the better chance you have at being “repin-worthy.” You never know – someone admiring your pins could also be your next PFF!

3. Rise in the Ranks

Ever think that you would make a fabulous Suggested User, a stellar Posh Party host or know someone who would? Well, we want to know! Shoot an email to support@poshmark.com and we can get you in touch with the right people!

4. Track Your Order or Refund In-App

Did you know that you can easily track your order and refund directly within the app? Simply head to your account tab and scroll down to My Purchases to see up-to-date tracking information as well as a detailed breakdown of your refund for each individual order. (Sellers, this can be helpful to you, too, as it can keep you updated to any shipping issues and delivery confirmations.)

5. Customize Your Shopping Experience

When shopping your PFF’s closet, you can turn their closet into a personalized shop when you see only listings in your size. When using the ‘My Size’ filter, your results will show items available in your pre-selected preferences. (Haven’t selected your sizes yet? Head to your account tab and select “My Size.”) Want more customizations? Use the rest of the filters to sort items by brand, category, price, even condition and availability!

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