InstaStyle Crush: Allie of @aaprovost

You know those girls who are so stylish everything they touch turns to fab? Meet Allie – a.k.a. @aaprovost – who has mastered that visual Midas touch on Poshmark and Instagram. You’re in luck, because she’s stopped by the blog to spill her stylish secrets. Don’t forget to shop along with her at tonight’s in-app Wardrobe Staples Posh Party!

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Your Instagram photos are GORGEOUS, what kind camera do you use? Thank you! It definitely depends on what I’m shooting and where I am. I recently invested in my dream camera – the Canon 5D Mark II – and I’m OBSESSED with it! I typically use it for all of my #ootd posts and will use it for my future blog posts as my blog is currently in the works. For my more casual photos when I’m out for the whole day I will either use my other DSLR Canon Rebel T3I (because it is much smaller) or simply my iPhone 6.

Sticking with the photo theme, do you have any favorite apps for editing? VSCO Cam is by far my favorite filter app. I’m not entirely a fan of strong filters so I love the variety VSCO offers and the ability to adjust the strength of the filter.

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Any tips on styling flat lay photos – yours are always so beautiful! For styling flat lay Instagram photos, it’s really simple! I start with one item that I want to be the focus and then just walk around my apartment adding stuff to go with it!  One of my favorite flat lay pictures was one I did for the New Year’s.  I grabbed my Kate Spade Pop, Fizz, Clink clutch and the champagne bottle that was conveniently in my fridge. After taking a couple test shots, I decided it looked too plain and I went for the necklaces! And to get the best angle, I stand on a chair…it looks silly but is very effective.

What’s your favorite thing about Poshmark? Oh jeeze, there are so many things I love about Poshmark! From the convenience to the simplicity (I always describe it as the lovechild between Instagram and eBay); but I think the community of Poshers would have to top everything. Everyone is so supportive and they all make shopping fun!

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What has been your favorite Poshmark purchase to date? My favorite purchase is actually my first purchase. I bought a hexagon bracelet from Kate Spade way back in 2012 and wore it to the point where it was no longer wearable.  I stumbled upon the exact same one in @bagsandbaubles’ closet, basically freaked out, and purchased it immediately to replace my worn out one!

Where do you get style inspiration? I get style inspiration everywhere!  My favorite bloggers are Blair Eadie from Atlantic-Pacific, Julia Engel from Gal Meets Glam, and Jessica Sturdy from Bows and Sequins. But at the end of the day, I try not to take my style too seriously. If there is something I love, I wear it!

Donuts or cupcakes? Easy, both.  Never choose.

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