How to Score Luxury Fashion for Less with @Morgan415

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Do you ever scroll through Instagram and think “DANG. I love her style!” You know, those stylish women who are always posting their amazing fashion finds? (Can you say #jealous?) We caught up with master Posher, designer deal finder and Instagram maven, Morgan, to learn just how she does it and what inspires her style.

Get to know Morgan

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Who takes your instagram photos? My husband does! He loves photography so we have fun (well sometimes he gets a little tired of me asking him to get up on a ladder to take a picture LOL).

What kind of camera do you use? I use mainly my iPhone, but a couple months ago we bought a Fujifilm XT-1 with a 56mm lens. It’s a great camera, and isn’t as heavy and big as some of its competitors (which means the hubby is less likely to complain about carrying it around). Now I use that, but sometimes just my iPhone does the trick!

What are your top 3 PoshFinds? Ok this is hard….I’ll pick my top “few” 😉

  • Bundle of 2 Jimmy Choo snakeskin flats (worn once each) and a JC snakeskin bag….$125!
  • Zara long burgundy moto jacket with (real!) leather sleeves…$20!
  • Shoes! These all get my top pick: Louboutin Pigalle Plato grey heels worn once ($150), Gucci black and gold T-strap heels ($25), 2 pairs of CHANEL flats ($65 each…one was worn a lot but look great after a trip to the cobbler, and the others worn once!), and CHANEL sandals ($90).

How She Finds the Best Luxury Items on Poshmark

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What is your strategy when shopping for luxury items on Poshmark? I check Poshmark often, and being able to quickly tell if an item is authentic is the best way to snatch a good deal when you spot one! After lots of practice, I can tell whether shoes are authentic just by looking at the shape of them. I’m not so great at authenticating bags yet, so I don’t buy many. Although with Posh Concierge I am much more inclined to make a purchase! Knowing your size in brands also helps. Asking a seller how the shoe runs can help, but sometimes I take the risk anyways. If a shoe is slightly big, add a gel insert to the heel or ball of foot, or both. If it is slightly too small, a shoe stretcher from Amazon does wonders!

What are your favorite brands to follow? I follow a decent amount of brands, but my favorites are Christian Louboutin, CHANEL, Helmut Lang, Vince, rag & bone, Valentino, Yves Saint Laurent, Parker, A.L.C., 3.1 Phillip Lim and Equipment.

How exactly do you navigate through the app? What are your favorite features? I have 2 absolute favorite things about Poshmark. First, I keep notifications on for comments, offers, sales, and the best ones – price drops! If I have an item I see that I like, but it’s a little out of budget, I always “like” it so that I know if the price gets reduced. Secondly, the “Just In” tab under brands. I check this A LOT – you can say I’m addicted! I check the Just In for my favorite brands about 1-2 times a day, and more on the weekends. I got some insight after winning a Skype session with PMHQ, that most items are listed on the weekends, so I check often on those days to score new goodies! One thing I started to do in the last few months was to take off the “my size” filters. I have sizes XS-L in my closet, and every piece fits differently. I have also noticed that people will add a custom size option, which won’t show up if you have the size filter on. This has helped me find some great stuff!

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How do you educate yourself on knowing the best prices so you can act fast on the amazing deals? I try to judge purchases by knowing the general prices of the brands, and keeping up to date with new styles. I check online stores often (Nordstrom is my favorite to keep up with) to see whats new for the season. This helps me know what items are newer. Honestly though, even if something is an older style or not “on trend,” if I love it, I buy it! I also like to check the “sold” items for my favorite brands, that way I can see what items have sold for, and find new closets to follow where someone scored a good deal!

Do you have any negotiation tips? When do you negotiate and when do you just hit the “buy” button? I try to look at a seller’s other listings to determine if I should negotiate. If the seller seems to negotiate on previous sales with quick responses, I will go for it. The Offer feature is also amazing and quick! However, sometimes it’s just worth it to buy it now! If it’s a great deal and I absolutely love it, I don’t even bother to negotiate, especially if it’s only over a few dollars. Also, if I see a listing at a good price, and see unanswered questions below, its usually safe to say the seller isn’t checking often, and isn’t worth trying to negotiate – just buy it!

3 thoughts on “How to Score Luxury Fashion for Less with @Morgan415

  1. Very interesting read however I must politely disagree about buying shoes that might not be exactly your size. Many times I have found a shoe on sale or on the clearance rack that was a half size too small or too large and I bought them anyways because I loved them and thought I would “make them work.” Well, those shoes either get worn once and I’m in pain because they are too small or very uncomfortable because they are too large and flopping off my feet. They then sit in my closet collecting dust before they eventually get listed on Posh. Fit is the most important thing when it comes to shoes, if they don’t fit you won’t wear them, no matter how cute they are how good the deal was.

    1. I appreciate the comment. I personally am OK with having a shoe that is slightly too big or small, because I can fix it and wear them fine. I have found a shoe stretcher works amazing for a shoe that is half size too small, and afterwards it fits fabulous. I also like adding gel insoles to shoes simply because it makes them more comfortable, so adding one to a slightly big shoe works fine for me. My intention was not to tell people to buy the wrong size, but that when I see a great deal and don’t want to miss out on it by asking what an insole measurement is, I take the risk. If it doesn’t fit (and is too far off to be stretched or added insoles), back online it goes and I don’t lose any money! I’m OK with putting a heel insert in a pair of Louboutins that I find for $100, rather than spending $500 to get a half size smaller with no insert 🙂

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