New to Poshmark? Tips For Selling Success

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A new year means lots of new Poshers! We couldn’t be more excited to see our amazing community grow. You’ve got your listings up, you’re sharing and spreading the #PoshLove when, boom! You’ve made your first sale! We know your heart is racing and you might be wondering what’s next. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Poshmark has made it easy for sellers to ship their sales. Look for the shipping label in your inbox, print it out and attach it to the package. When you’ve carefully packed up your item, simply take it to a US post office location, drop it off in the blue USPS mailbox, or schedule a pick-up.

Here are a few extra tips to help with the process:

1. Communicate with the buyer

Communication is key to connecting with your buyers and being an amazing seller. Poshmark automatically sends communication emails, but it’s also helpful to let them know by a comment in the listing when you’ll be shipping the item.

2. Ship your sale right away

Keep your buyers satisfied (and coming back!) by shipping your item as soon as possible. Buyers can cancel their orders if the order remains unshipped after the seventh day, so you’ll definitely want to keep that in mind. Here’s a step-by-step guide to walk you through your first sale to avoid any additional shipping mishaps.

3. Use the right USPS boxes

Poshmark’s shipping labels are Priority Mail and using the wrong box could cause a delay in your order. You may use any brown or white boxes, but we recommend using Priority Mail (not Priority Mail Flat Rate) for shipping. Plus, did you know the USPS will send you the correct boxes for free when you order them online?

4. Check in on your shipment

Depending on how and when you dropped off the order, USPS may take some time to scan the order in. If you’re taking it to your USPS post office, we recommend asking for a receipt so the package is scanned in immediately. If you’re dropping it off at the blue USPS mailbox or scheduling for pick-up, USPS will likely scan the package at the processing facility. Once the order is scanned, our system will be notified and an email will be sent to you.

5. Need help? Email us!

Last but not least, if you ever have any issues (like the buyer has told you the shipping address is wrong or any USPS tracking issues), reach out to us at so we can help you!

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    1. Hi John, items don’t expire. If you’ve sold the item elsewhere, mark them as Not For Sale ($0 asking price) and write SOLD in the listing title.

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