Fun With Your PFFs: Community Meet-Ups


Ever wanted to get to know your PFFs (Posh Friends Forever) in real life? Live meet-and-greets have become so popular within the Poshmark community that we want to make it even easier for Poshers to connect. Introducing the Posh N Sip page!

On this page, you can find upcoming meet-ups as well as learn how to host a meet-up of your own including who to contact for additional support from the Poshmark team, how to put one together, and see photos from past meet-ups for inspiration!

Why should you attend one of these get-togethers? Hosting or attending a meet-up in your area can have many benefits. It can give you an opportunity to:

  • Meet your PFFs in real life
  • Introduce your friends to Poshmark and spread the news about having a unique marketplace to buy and sell merchandise.
  • Expand your Poshmark network and give your closet a little more exposure.
  • Exchange tips and tricks with other Poshers

Live meet-ups are an extraordinary experience, and we’re hoping that every Posher takes the opportunity to be a part of one!

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